Have a safe and wonderful weekend! How can I multiply with decimals? C Describe a data set using measures of center median, mean, and mode and variability maximum, minimum, and range and evaluate the suitability and limitations of using each measure for different situations. What is a unit rate? How do I create a factor tree?

D Solve single- and multi-step word problems involving ratios, rates, and percents, and verify the solutions. SWBAT model the square root of a number. Calculate average rate of change of any function. Green Packet 1 due next Friday. Develop understanding of how letters are used to represent numbers in mathematics. SWBAT represent ratios with concrete and pictorial models.

By reading carefully, taking my time and showing ALL of my work! Determine the vertexaxis of symmetry, and horizontal and vertical intercepts of quadratic functions in either the a-b-c or a-h-k forms.

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How many zeros can I add on after the decimal? Add this document to collection s. Essential Question How do I write variablrs decimal as a percent? D Define and determine the absolute value of a number. SWBAT locate points on a coordinate gride in all four quadrants using ordered pairs.


6.1c homework perimeter and area with variables

How do I best show off what I know? How ad I determine the perimeter of a rectangle with only the area and one side is known? SWBAT convert decimals to fractions.

6.1c homework perimeter and area with variables

Date Feb 4 -Feb 8. Classroom SouthMWF Independent Practice Friday SWBAT use tables and symbols to represent and describe proportional relationships and arithmetic sequences. SWBAT show master of proportional reasoning. Unit 4 Lesson 3. Page 13 and 14 of yellow packet 2.

Introduction to Mathematical Modeling

SWBAT use integers to represent real-life situations. Add notes to notebook 6. G Describe and sort polyhedra by their attributes: How does the sum of the angle measures of a triangle relate to the sum of the angle measures in a quadrilateral?

How can I use a number line to help me add and subtract decimals. Complete sample spaces packet. SWBAT add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. SWBAT show master of fraction and decimal concepts. Extend knowledge of fractions to develop an understanding of what a ratio is and how it relates to a rate and a percent.


How do I best show off what I know on today’s test? Packet corrections due tomorrow. How can finding equivalent fractions with denominators of 10, etc.

B Determine the perimeter and area of a composite figure that can be divided into triangles, rectangles, and parts of circles. How would you use a model to find the square root of a number? Your course grade will be determined as follows: SWBATconvert between fractions, decimals and percents. Order of Operations Engage: Calculate, and interpret average rate variabled change as slope.

Yellow Packet Due Tomorrow. How do I convert between decimals and percents?