We hope you find it useful, but if you can think of any ways to make it even better — please let us know.. We love welcoming students from around the world! The top viewer frame shows the title and author, the similarity index and the grade. Assignments submitted in Blackboard are not scored automatically, but need to be reviewed by your tutor. How we make our decision See below some of the things we take into account when deciding whether to offer you a place at Abertay. A reference is a written recommendation from a teacher, adviser or another professional who knows your academic skills.

Your feedback will not be available until the post date. Abertay Sport Amateur Sports Team. You then can review the information in two ways: See below some of the things we take into account when deciding whether to offer you a place at Abertay. If your tutor is unavailable. This is the date your tutor has set to release feedback to students. You will learn how to use Blackboard’s Assignment tool to submit files to the tutor, and learn how view your results with the My Grades tools.

Under the item title you can see what type of assessment it was e. The main frame of the viewer shows the full content of your submitted coursework, as well as feedback marks made by your tutors.

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The application process Full-time applications All full-time undergraduate applications should be made online via UCAS. If you receive a confirmation message after you submit the Assignment.


You can access an Assignment in Blackboard when it’s been deployed by your teacher in a Content Area of the course. Return to the Assignment for which you want to review the results. agertay

Hovering your mouse over the bubble will allow it to expand so you can read the full comment. The tips within the guide will make your documents more inclusive, giving a professional feel to communications.

Once the teacher informs you that an assignment is available and where to find it, read and follow all instructions carefully, complete the work as directed, then click Submit to pass in your work.

General comment – An overall summary in the right hand sidebar. The advantage of submitting files in. You will always receive an email of your digital receipt from Turnitin.

8.22 Academic Regulations

My Grades can be found on the My Blackboard tab when you log onto Blackboard, from the global navigation menu top right of screen near your login name or via a tool link within your module. The comment bubble indicates there is a feedback summary written for you.

abertay coursework submission

To submiwsion right of the view button is an arrow button which will allow you to download your paper or digital receipt.

Some tutors may ask you to submit the same coursework direct to Blackboard as well as Turnitin.

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Wee Slice Pizza Place. We have no doubt of the impact this will be having on staff at the university and they, along with both staff unions, have our full support at this worrying time. This reality was predicted in our statement in relation to the course cuts earlier this academic year. Your feedback will not be available until the post date. You then can review the information in two ways: Propaganda Edinburgh Party Entertainment Service.


We makes most offers of admission in February. Discover whether you’re eligible for entry and learn more about the country-specific qualifications you need to study at Abertay.

How to Apply

There are two ways to submit submisssion, either direct to Blackboard or through Blackboard to Turnitin the anti-plagiarism software used by the University. Visit our Entry from College page for more information. We use cookies to ensure we provide you with the best user experience.

Blackboard provides tools for you to submit your work to the tutor electronically, and at times view your results.

All coursework is submitted electronically. If you are applying for part-time study, you can apply directly to Abertay.

abertay coursework submission

Abertay Sport Amateur Sports Team. Reviewing your Results You can also confirm your Assignment submission by accessing the My Grades area of abertau course. Feeling Strong Nonprofit Organization. As you progress through your course, your tutor will issue many types of assignments: Please check your module handbook for differences.