About Us

Hi to everyone, who has visited our website!

motorsinfo.com is small, but very ambitious group of people. Alex, Brooke and Larry are those, who will work with you and make this site more interesting for you.

Let’s start with Brooke. She is very enthusiastic girl and really loves cars in spite of a fact, that her formal education is journalism. Brooke and her father are fans of sport cars. Sometimes they visited car racings near to their hometown. When Brooke was yang, she wanted to be a sport car driver. But her driving career stopped, when she tried carting. Journalism, her another passion, had to be developed in college. Now Brooke writes really interesting articles about cars for our website.

As for Alex, he is professional car mechanic. He has been working in this profession for 20 years! But he is only about 30 now. In youth Alex used to work with his father in garage and service station. The station was a family business. Now Alex knows well the major part of cars and can recognize what is wrong very quickly. He has all the necessary tools to fix car as fast as it possible. Also he can install any accessories or gadgets to any car, if it is possible. When the site was created, we understood that Alex must be here too. Why? He is really qualified, intelligent and hard working person, who helps us to make an interesting material for you. If there is a mistake in article, Alex will correct it.

Larry is a software programmer. In spite of his love to computers, he can’t live without cars. All his software helps to work with car better. His love to cars started with his first classic car. It was retro Jaguar. The more he studied about his car, the more he wanted to update it and to work in the sphere. Today Larry is not only the programmer. He is responsible for our website. Thanks to him our site is more attractive and functional. All material, which should be published in our site, must be checked by Larry. We like working with him, he can add necessary information in any time, even at night.

Now our team has a lot of crazy ideas and we want to share it with you, our dear visitors! Hope, you also love cars and our news would be interesting and useful for you!