Ap lang synthesis essay. No, I want to be there to see him suffer. I also loved how Montressor turned his life around a became a much better person. I agree with the story Alaina shared. There were only a few gramatical errors, but other than that, I really enjoyed reading!

Doctors across the village have scoured the land for it. I got as far as the border, they asked for my ID and I gladly gave it to them, they said I was fine and let me pass. I only have two at the moment. He seemed very happy to see me awake, He told me his names was officer Pete and began to explain that he had found me on the shore of the beach and that I was stone cold and barely breathing. Constitutional reform as usual.

The story did start off a little slow. Final Draft of Personal Narrative Essay. Hi Alaina, I really enjoyed reading your story.

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When I get there, there is a closed sign visible outside of the shop. Alex, your story was very interesting. The ending could have a more satisfying ending rather than just Montressor would deal with Fortunato in a less friendly way.


Once barrative I pour out a loud scream Stop, Stop!

Ib extended essay for phd assignment I assume you want some for your mother? Overall its a wonderful and detailed story!

03.08 the narrative essay final draft

This response is filled with blossoming ideas, blessing the minds of countless avid readers. He remembered that enjoying the small things were the greatest pleasures in life.

Tears emerged from his eyelids. I started beating on her chest to mimic a heartbeat. There was great flow narratkve the story that made it exciting to read. I like how you started out with two people having a conversation.

Alaina october 20, at 5: He had heavy breaths mouthing one word: Silence lingered in the room along with the puffs of air coming from the frightened Montresor. Just the word stuck in his thoughts. Nice word choices and good description.

assignment 03.08 the narrative essay final draft

Nobody was behind him. I believe that him still hearing Fortunato is a way to show how he has gone insane with guilt from this. I really want to know what happens next and how Montressor plans to take his revenge.


The Blue killed your mother. Fortunato gave the same sinister smile. The voiceless screams that came from Fortunato the short satisfaction I felt the most respected and feared man if manage to take down. Dinal, this story was very drraft and very good. Constitutional reform as usual.

assignment 03.08 the narrative essay final draft

Therefore, I always tried to gain the love I felt I needed from anyone that would give it to me. I like the way that Montresor punished Fortunato. Every line was very detailed which went with the story. Overall it had good theme and a good story line. I liked reading your story and the face that you had both revenge and regret narartive it.

From my assigmnent, the blue comes from the lack of oxygen getting through to your lungs.

I like how you expaded on the fact that Montressor was consdiedred physco and pathetic.