Skip to main content. As described in section 4. Even though there are features missing in hybrid the survey respondents were still overall satisfied with the features given in hybrid platforms. The growth of smartphones, between and is predicted to be 9. This study gives a basic understanding about when to use native development and when to use hybrid development. Using hybrid approach to design the mobile interface is however more flexible since the developer uses languages such as HTML5 and CSS3.

Based on the results of this study, native development is the preferred choice when developing more advanced applications that require performance and access to specific hardware for example GPS, Multi-touch. Building applications with large animation can also create problems in the case of hybrid applications while native application gives a greater fluidity. We chose to publish the survey at the following places to replace the rejected Apple forum: Figure 12 — Why are they using given platform Viewing the results above people select platform based on which is the easiest to start working with. Native applications provide the user with a better performance and smoother experience without delay compared to a hybrid application. The extra homework as punishment for choosing a cross-platform framework was that the size of the devel- opment team was small and the given bachelor.

A study on approaches to build cross-platform mobile applications and criteria to select appropriate approach, Dec Widgets typically run as phonegap applications phonegap of a web browser, but it is thesis to embed bwchelor into web pages. This gives the possibility for traditional web developers to use existing knowledge while developing applications for mobile usage. There are four main classes that can be used to access the multi-touch features.

Figure 11 — Which platform hybrid users where using Based on our results the most used framework when it comes to hybrid was IONIC with a total of 13 responders. Bachelor Thesis comparing Native versus Hybrid Adobe Community This paper refers to bachelors in the form of applications.


bachelor thesis phonegap

We did this question as a multiple answers question, so the responder could choose multiple frameworks. Android is build on top of the Linux Kernel and follows the same paradigms the iPhone introduced.

Bachelor thesis phonegap – Integration of BankID Services in a PhoneGap Based Mobile Application

Figure 3 — Customized Snowballing Iterations Our start set phonegal in our references. It was not as much as anticipated but in the end it gave enough input to base analysis upon.

Of course there will be cases where native application is more suited than hybrid applications but for a very wide different content-centric applications, hybrid applications are performing better. It was decided by the development team to carry out the project using agile bachelor methods and cross-platform development framework.

Unlike hybrid applications, native applications come with multi-touch features included. There were only 2 respondents who were less satisfied thsis the performance.

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During a multi-touch sequence, series of event massages are sent to the target responder. Figure 14 — Hybrid, Geocoder support satisfaction These results were not that big of a difference from native, the responders were neutral here. All native application has one thing in common, they all have unopposed access to the hardware of the device bachdlor supports all user-interfaces UI and interactions are accessible in a responsive mobile bachelod environment. Decision Framework for Mobile Development Methods.

During that mexican immigration essay papers PhoneGap was a fairly new technology and the development had its pitfalls.

This study is based on the seven research questions above. We designed the survey to contain three different parts: The development team was given the freedom to use phonegap principles, practices and techniques they felt were suitable for the project.


bachelor thesis phonegap

Native applications are supporting Geocoder unlike hybrid applications. The MotionEvent class includes different public methods that can be used to interact with events generated by pointers [17]. The authors took this risk into consideration and handled it by sending it out to a total of five forums.

To mitigate this high risk, the authors added more channels, making it a total of five forums. We defined both inclusion and exclusion criterions to make sure we got relevant and useful information. When using hybrid application approach, developer must depend on third party features. Whereas on the one hand the components building a literature review narrative format are called widgets e.

GUPEA: PhoneGap: Potentials of a Mobile Cross-Platform Application

Based on the results of this study, native development is the preferred choice when developing more advanced applications that require performance and access to specific hardware for example GPS, Multi-touch. The iOS platform recognizes the touches as a part of multi-touch sequence unlike in Android.

The course thesis of lectures as well as project studies. It gives a good perspective when to use hybrid or native, and what the pros and cons are with them. However, we immediately got into a showstopper; according to the rules you are not allowed to post surveys or basically any marketing things in those forums.

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