If one is already fit and just needs to maintain that cardiovascular fitness, a power walk may just be enough. Increased muscle activity increases the heart rate since the body is signaled that more energy and oxygen is needed for more work to be done. Cardiovascular Fitness 7 The last important thing is not to overdo the exercise. It is also known as cardiorespiratory endurance. Conclusion Cardiovascular fitness is all about the exercises and the diet. Cardiovascular fitness describes how efficient the heart, the lung and the vascular system are, in ensuring that oxygen and nutrients reach the muscles of the body involved in the work at the time.

A bad diet accompanied by lack of exercise leads to coronary heart disease that can lead to death at any time, strokes that can also lead to death, and so many diseases like obesity, which means the body weight is more than the heart can handle Greene, A case like high blood pressure can be reduced since cardiovascular fitness strengthens the heart muscles and several other muscles involved in breathing Corbin and Lindsey, It is important to note that when doing exercises meant for maintaining cardiovascular fitness, the energy should be available at the time. Also, chemical factors such as a decrease in oxygen concentration and an increase in carbon dioxide or lactic acid concentration in the blood promote vasodilatation to increase blood flow. The recommended time differs in beginners and those used to the exercises. Blood flow must increase in order to provide the working muscle with more oxygenated blood which can be accomplished through neural and chemical regulation. How is this experience obtained?

The lack of diseases or the elimination of the barriers to good health. There are several heart diseases due to lack of fitness as well as lack of good diet.

Cardiovascular Fitness Essay

When the heart and the lung are fit in their work, it means there is no overload or insufficiency in the body, other factors held constant. Cardiac output increases during physical activity due to an increase in both the heart rate and stroke volume. What is your topic? High cholesterol levels in one’s diet for example can lead to coronary heart disease if the person does not do exercises and avoid too esaay consumption of cholesterol Corbin and Lindsey, As had been noted earlier, the activities should be able to keep the heart rate up.


Cardiovascular fitness has factors that affect it too. Sportsmen would always want to perform well, some ladies would always want to maintain good body sizes, obese people strive to reduce weight and many people strive to avoid heart diseases.

Cardiorespiratory endurance training program Essay

Just like so many things in life that have advantages and disadvantages. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All these are very important. Significantly, CRF can be added to these traditional risk factors to improve risk prediction validity.

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cardiorespiratory endurance essay

Blood vessels are under sympathetic tone; therefore, the release of noradrenaline and adrenaline will cause vasoconstriction of non-essential tissues such as the liverintestinesand kidneysand decrease neurotransmitter release to the active muscles promoting vasodilatation. Views Read Edit View history. Regular exercise makes these systems more efficient by enlarging the heart muscle, enabling more blood to be pumped with each stroke, and increasing the number of small arteries in trained skeletal muscles, which supply more blood to working muscles.

cardiorespiratory endurance essay

The respiratory system allows for the proper exchange and transport of gases to and from the lungs while being able to control the endursnce rate through neural and chemical impulses.

Due to all these diseases, it is important to keep the body fit. How to Increase Cardiovascular Fitness Cardiovascular Fitness 5 It is because of the contribution that cardiovascular fitness makes to one’s life, that it is important to know how to increase efficiency of the heart and the lung.


Cardiovascular fitness is affected by heart rate, ability of the muscles to take up oxygen from the blood, cardiac output and stroke volume Greene, Cardiovascular Fitness 7 The last important thing is not to overdo the exercise.

cardiorespiratory endurance essay

Although all of the described adaptations in the body to maintain homeostatic balance cardioreapiratory exercise are very important, the most essential factor is the involvement of the respiratory system. The body is cradiorespiratory company in need of specific skilled workers with experience to avoid inefficiency which can lead to diseases hence death. There are many benefits of cardiorespiratory fitness. It can reduce the risk of heart disease, lung cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and other diseases.

Cardiovascular Endurance

Cardiovascular fitness if improved or maintained eliminates risks of death. What can be considered success in the heart and lung function? Beginners should not follow this principle as they might harm the body. Cardiovascular Fitness This is the ability of the lung and the heart to provide the body with oxygen and nutrients during exercise in normal life. It reduces several problems in life due to ezsay failure or heart diseases.

Why would somebody need to have or maintain cardiovascular fitness? The heart pumps the blood to several body parts which reach the body muscles and the lung does the work of supplying oxygen Greene, It is also known as cardiorespiratory endurance.

There are numerous thermal effectors including sweat glandssmooth muscles of blood vessels, some endocrine glandsand skeletal muscle.