Does operations strategy set an improvement path? This question can be used to discuss the issue of what a full understanding of operations and process management means in any business. He sees the company as growing and that changes will have to be made, but it is growth that is central to his thinking rather than developing unique capabilities that will protect him from competition in the future. How are processes currently designed? Administration is surprisingly similar to equipment hire and sales. Visibility is likely to be similar to equipment hire and sales. Chapter 1 of the text identifies four contributions of operations management.

From the various statements attributed to Marco, he is now coming to see this. While the case can be set as a group assignment prior to presentation and discussion, it is also suitable for individual reading by students who then can contribute to the discussion in class. Is process variability recognized? Approaching the subject from a truly managerial perspective, this brand new text provides clear and concise coverage, whilst the accompanying CD provides an opportunity to practice and further explore the concepts and techniques introduced. Upload document Create flashcards. Any student of the class who has worked in large organizations will point out the lack of flexibility and the communications problems that arise with very separate processes.

Operations and Process Management

Because of this, the case is best used at the beginning of a course in order to set the agenda for the topics stusy will be covered in the course. The company seems to be reaching the point where the requirements and objectives of both types of services, to some extent, conflict with each other.

Similarly, AAF will act as a supplier to other production companies, so its customers will also be in competition with each rotterdm. Yet both types of services are still mutually dependent. Rather it is a case that can be used to illustrate both the general approach to understanding operations as embedded in the diagnostic logic chain used in Chapter 1, and the nature of some general operations management issues such as focus.


It should be able to develop the capabilities that will bring it more business in the future.

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During this discussion it is useful to point out cawe difference between the technical knowledge that is embedded in any operation or process on one hand, and the tasks that are necessary to run the operation or process on the other. Variation is high more lumpy as it says in the case and because much of the value is added with the eventual customer studh, visibility is high. Other aspects of operations management can also be raised such as planning and control, capacity management, quality management and so on.

There are several suppliers to AAF, but the ones mentioned explicitly in the case are other equipment hire and sales companies.

case study aaf rotterdam

How should the supply network be configured? See the table below. Does operations and process management have a strategic impact? The administration process is very much a back-office process. Less so with production services and design where creativity is important, or more so with administration and equipment hire and stuy where outputs are more standardized.

Operations strategy Executive summary What is operations strategy?

AAF Rotterdam

Cases in the main text provide an insight into the reality of managing operations. Ask them to identify the dangers of moving towards a more segmented and focused set of processes. Where should operations be located? This question can be used to discuss the issue rotterdqm what a full understanding rotterda, operations and process management means in any business.


How much capacity should each operation in the supply network have? It should attempt to control or minimize the cost base of the business.

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Should all processes be managed in the same way? Low volume, high variety, variation and visibility processes generally require flexible multiskilled staff with good customer-facing skills; processes at the other end of the dimensions require staff who understand the importance of dependability, adhering to the process and promoting efficiency.

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case study aaf rotterdam

Operations Strategy Nigel Slack. This is used as a justification for retaining the sales and hire part of the company but there is no explicit discussion of the trade-off between the benefits this investment brings and the costs including opportunity costs in a period when the company is growing quickly.

In particular, the sometimes-conflicting needs of sales and hiring on one hand and production services on the other are becoming evident. Chapter 2 Chronology Chapter 1 of the text identifies four contributions of operations management.

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