What approach did you take? What do you know about the company? On successful completion of the program they will be absorbed as Assistant Manager. The present performance of the each and every department will be explained. They asked me the relevance of your previous work ex with the profiles applied for.

What interesting projects are there on your CV? He is experienced in evaluating of psychology or psychiatry cases. There were three companies to choose from and info about their history, intent, expertise and some financial info as payment time, interest rates were given. Some people wrote projects on their CV which they were not through with. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price.

Interview question was mainly to gauge my knowledge about insurance sector. Eligibility Criteria for Test: In this scenario what should the company CEO and do and should the bank give the loan and if yes using what parameters and metrics for appraisal. Some questions on why the company and which role would I prefer to take.

case study topics for icici gd

Then some Finance based questions like- 1 What is your favourite finance subject? Secondly i was very true and genuine in whatever answers I gf and that worked positive for me.

Are you are loner? They will start with a specific question and they dig deeper.


Interview Experiences- ICICI ⋆

The selection procedure have the following four stages. They asked me gr where I have shown my Innovations skills and where I have handled the pressure. Parts of the Interview I did well- Company was very impressed and wanted to make an offer but with a different profile in the interview itself but I was consistent on what I wanted and through strong negotiation finally convinced them that I am fit for Investment banking or global markets and hence that worked Final Verdict: Merger of Public Sector Bank How beneficial it is.

There are 3 bidders; 1 BBG shipping has experience of turning around two companies and is one of the largest companies in this segement 2 City shipping is largest private company into ship repair and ship breaking but not in similar segment.

Passive smoking is equally harmful. Your senior has called up to look for bid of City and this will help to build relationship with city. The process is a foor different.

List of ICICI Bank PO Group Discussion Topics 2018-19 – Detailed GD Topics

Once go through all these topics, these are all very important topics and mind mostly they will give current and emerged topics. In order to post replies to the question: Affirmative action draws people to work they never considered before. About the profiles cxse. Why do Management Business Schools include group discussion in their selection process?


case study topics for icici gd

The pros and cons of having a credit card. What do you know about the company?

case study topics for icici gd

You will be given less time to go through that. Anything else you would like to say: Something that is not on your CV — 1 min 2. Fresh Stusy hire or Lateral movement after few years of experience or Fresh Campus hire — Hunted on my own. The time now is Being flexible in outlook helped ge than being rigid about a profile. The pattern or selection will be through following stages.

Recently discussed GD topics for ICICI bank PO exam?

More or less qualitative. Some data on sector and little info on financial and capacity status of companies were given.

What are some of the current group discussion topics to expect in a bank interview? School Violence – What are the real causes of violence and bullying in Schools? Rockerstop is one of the Best Freelancing website.

Justification for the interest in the profile 2.