Teachers are advised to read the whole syllabus document before planning their teaching programme. There is little evidence of testing with a badly developed test plan with clear omissions. Computing Project Candidate Record Card Please read the instructions printed overleaf before completing this form. Secondly to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to seek employment in areas that utilise computing. However there is a lack of completeness with omissions from the process model, inputs and outputs. O Level History Shahzeb September 13, at 6:

Upload document Create flashcards. Subject to satisfactory performance such candidates are then only required to take the final part of the assessment referred to in this syllabus as A2 leading to the full A-Level. Shahzeb September 13, at 6: There should be a clear statement of requirements, agreed with the prospective user. The design specification may include the method of solving a problem, for example: Just follow the syllabus contents and then search the topic from book accordingly.

Some options briefly described but difficult for the user to follow. Some evidence of user testing is given, usually by questionnaire or written comments by fellow students or others who were not directly involved in the development of the system. Enter this total in the relevant box. Candidates will not be expected to write or interpret the meaning of simple segments of low level language code. In addition, an aim of a course leading to the full A Level qualification should be to: The registered schools were given a draft of the new syllabus almost 2 years ago.

computing 9691 coursework

Candidate Portfolios Initial and Advanced. Coursewprk January 31, at Candidates may receive guidance in choosing their problem, but Centres should ensure that work from their candidates is sufficiently different to make them individual pieces of work.


Also an evaluation and a bibliography. This paper will be set according to the content of section 2 of the syllabus Practical Programming Techniques. You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users.

Students should select a problem, the solution to which will enable them to demonstrate the skills required by the syllabus in Section 2.

COMPUTING Advanced Subsidiary Level

Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. A detailed knowledge of the syntax of programming languages is not required. Other languages are welcomed, though CIE Customer Services should be consulted before the project is started.

Some discussion about a number of the objectives set out in a iibut some omissions or inadequate explanation of success or failure. Marks may be lost for lack of evidence of a particular test run or lack of expected results.

Compyting may include any degree of generality beyond the original scope of the system. Add to collection s Add to saved.

Computer Science 9608 has been introduced in place of computing 9691

For full marks the guide should be well presented rather courseeork just a collection of items. There is written evidence available from the third-party user indicating that they have seen the system in operation. If any library routines or automatically generated code is included this must be clearly identified and not taken into account for assessment purposes. Paper 1 Theory Fundamentals — written paper.


Practical Programming Project requires candidates to demonstrate their skills in a programming language by selecting a problem to solve. The Practical Programming Project is an individual piece of well-documented work involving a problem that can be solved using a computing system. And, verily, He draws near and then proudly speaks about them [i. In the main the options are easy for the user to follow with screen displays. Subject to satisfactory performance such candidates are then only required to take the final part of the assessment referred to in this syllabus as A2 compjting to the full A Level.

Will it be an exceptional case? You can add this compputing to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users.


Its Representation, Structure and Management c d e f g h Content 1. For full marks, good on-screen help should exist where this is a sensible option. Computihg provides candidates with an understanding of the core aspects of computer systems, which is developed and enhanced in subsequent sections.

It will be submitted for moderation in the same session that the candidate offers Paper 1. Alternative approaches have been discussed in depth. Paper 2 This paper is a computer programming project.

computing 9691 coursework