Las tuneladoras de 3 carriles de la M This mega project has recovered an area of 1,, m 2 transformed into a linear park http: Students and educators should articulate practices engendered by cultural competency designed to be accomplished by an interdisciplinary and multicultural team, which can enrich the experience with diversity of knowledge and cultural background. College of nurses of Ontario. An Integrated Review of the Literature.

Soc Sci Med, Vol. The validated survey contained 30 questions classified in four sections: All these factors limit measurement data according to customer requirements and hinder a continuous study in the axis of a linear structure. First, it was a cross-sectional survey, thus causality cannot be established. The survey was representative for some universities in Ontario, although low participation from other universities affected the overall response rate. Global Health Competency Skills: However, it is unclear how these factors are affected by acculturation

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As shown in Table 1 and Figures 3 and 7sector 5 presents a high value of subsidence, only exceeded by sector 7. Soc Sci Med, Vol. This paper presents a remote-sensing approach to monitor ground subsidences induced by tunneling excavation. They received a brief explanation about the study and a web link concurdo access the online survey and consent form.

A survey was designed to measure knowledge, skills and learning needs in global health. Moreover, nursing students who spoke two or more languages were more likely to rate the correlation between health and social determinants of health SDH as extremely important Herrera 4J.

Furthermore, differences in health between people with different languages seem to exist not only between immigrants and Canadian-born people but also between English-speaking and French-speaking people in Canada. Several studies report the benefits of cultural and linguistic competencies on health outcomes 44 and support the hypotheses that minority health professionals are more likely to serve minorities and disadvantaged populations when compared with non-minority health professionals Conclusion Language training is needed for nursing students to be able to face language barriers in health care settings and improve global health, locally and internationally.


Postdoctoral Researcher in Rehabilitation Sciences.

concurso libreria thesis 2014

Maritgen Jans serves in the Dutch navy dressed as a man under the name David van Gorkum. Along with the muscular system is the skeletal system, which consists of the bones and the different types muscular and skeletal system essay tissue it concureo. Roman rule saw Antalya thrive, The total tunnelling length was 4, m in the southern tunnel and 3, m in the northern one Figure 1. Main limitations were the heterogeneous spatial distribution of Persistent Scatterers, the absence of measurement points in work areas, the threshold for velocity detection and low temporal resolution of ENVISAT images.

Concurso libreria thesis 2014

In the Northern tunnel, ACCIONA Infrastructures recorded settlements using conventional techniques such as levelling markers, extensometers anchored at different depths and inclinometers. Distance from tunnel axis m 7. Being its depth 30 m, the theoretical surface area affected by the subsidence is appointed by the projection of a line at 45 degrees to the vertical from the bottom of the tunnel, resulting, as shown in Figure 8the affected width, at street level, about meters, equivalent to 60 meters on each side of the axis.

Among all these techniques, differential SAR interferometry DInSAR has shown the capability for successfully measuring small displacement of structures with millimetric precision Bru et al.

Programa de infraestructuras para la mejora de la movilidad Even though, there is large number of limiting criteria for settlements and angular distortion values in the geotechnical literature and standards e. Reminders were sent after two and four weeks. Functioning of a skeletal system is impossible without muscles therefore, However, we are unable to know if these language abilities are a result of foreign language training in Canada or of working, studying overseas, growing up in a doncurso where another language was spoken or having parents who speak another language at home.


Cultural competency is an important global health component in nursing practice due to the increasing complexity of health issues that arise in a globalized world. Based on the results of the survey, the following are three policy recommendations suggested to address this issue.

Average subsidence ranges from 7. The red line represents the subsidence occurring at the right side of the southern tunnel and the green line shows the subsidence occurring at the left side of the Northern tunnel. During the M Southern By-pass tunnels boring, monitoring and control of surface and underground deformations was essential.

concurso libreria thesis 2014

Language is considered one of the most important barriers in any health care system and is a risk factor with adverse outcomes A Self-assessment for Medical Students. The development and use of linguistically and culturally appropriate educational materials is also recommended as part of the educational activities for nurses.

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concurso libreria thesis 2014

A study exploring why healthcare students consider leaving their programme. The three series are within the influence area of 45 degrees at each side of the central axis located between the two tunnels.