Web usability and Serach Engine Optimazation. Proceedings of the Community informatics for developing countries: Improving website visibility and information retrieval of e-commerce ventures: A variety of search queries were constructed for each output, and these queries were run to find research output abstracts online. However, free-form Internet searching is still preferred by many students.

Failing to invest in either one could cause a significant loss of traffic. Student learning outcomes assessment could be measured by their understanding of content, in-class activities and reflection at regular times. Only the usability was measured. The literature has also shown that a number of questionable methods exist to increase website ranking. A certificate would therefore hold advantages when used for temporary or permanent employment. The visibility of a Web page plays a role in attracting potential clients, as more and more young users are depending on the Web for their everyday information needs. Challenges were faced by the FoB students in that the summative assessment had to be written online on Blackboard, and students had to find a venue where a computer was available.

They observed changes in the behaviour of students after training. An analysis of the results provided a variety of patterns when searching for known published academic content. User-friendly sites also attract far more traffic. The next phase entailed replacing the original website with a new one that closely resembles the original, as seen by the human visitor.

The company had been using pay-per-click only for a period, whilst traffic was monitored. For this process to be successful, the search query must be formulated correctly. Armellini and Jones stated that a student-centred approach encourages active participation and engagement with class content. The primary objective of this research project was to investigate and report on the importance of keywords as a ranking factor for e-Commerce websites.


In this research project, an empirical study has There are two main methods to achieve high rankings: There is a difference in the value program and data files respectively have to the user.

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Examples include highly popular business services such as Amazon. With cloud computing the applications run on a server on the web.

cput thesis format

Most search engine policies state that Web sites containing spam will not be indexed. The primary objective of this research project was to investigate the student ofrmat and acceptance of natural versus paid search engine results. Every session was administered personally by the author. Electronic theses and dissertations are often stored and made accessible by universities, as a means of disseminating research results to a wide audience.

Librarians face many challenges when delivering IL programmes, fromat when it comes to collaboration with lecturers. However, there are cases where PPC would yield better results — when instant traffic is required, and when a large initial expenditure is not possible.

Payment for increasing website exposure in search engine results — technical and ethical issues. This system was decommissioned on a particular date and time, and an alternative search engine optimisation system was started at the same time.

Being able to differentiate between scholarly and popular journals and the value of each to their assignment guided the students to using quality sources.

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Information Research, 18 4 paper Web Pages and E-Commerce. The model that is based on principles identified in yhesis literature, if applied, is expected to increase the visibility of most websites and in the process satisfy some of the requirements of the directories and search engines to index webpages. This implies that results are retrieved based on the matching of these keywords, ignoring thrsis meaning and the sense they make towards documents to be retrieved.


This however is not necessarily a negative element, as PPC can have a positive impact on search results.

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The current visibility of these documents was then calculated. Knowledge Tree is claimed to be a rapidly adopted open source document management system, initially developed for the South African Medical Research Council.

New MediaDigital Mediaand Metadata. This should produce high quality answers when a user does a search. In the case of both faculties, looking at the rate of those who attained the certificate, the CIL programme can be viewed as a success.

Computer Science and Computer Virus. In this way a case study enables researchers to have a thorough understanding of activities within their context Saunders and Lewis No empirical study could be found which determines if demographic features as well as the choice of keywords used on cpug local search engine Ananzi have an effect on searching success.

There is a correlation between surface level and deep level of learning.