Dr Veronica Marchante Rodriguez. Distinguish the motorsport environment and the influences on its development. I consent to receiving monthly updates from Racecar Engineering. It is clear that Clive also has a passion for racing motorcycles and we found out that he also has a number of race bikes! English Language If you are an EU or international student you will need to provide evidence that you have achieved a satisfactory test result in an English qualification. We are ranked 5th in the UK for mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing engineering.

Design metallic and non-metallic except composite products e. Formulate a solution strategy for a given fluid dynamics problem in motorsports. The individual thesis project runs until early September. Find out more about our application process. This MSc will hone your skills and expertise in relation to motorsport and high performance engineering through a rigorous combination of teaching and motorsport related project work. Composite Structures for Motorsport Module Leader Dr Veronica Marchante Rodriguez Aim Provide detailed understanding and practical experience of the use of composite materials in racing car structures including materials selection, component design, manufacturing technology processing and performance. Week 2 The second week was the introduction week, during which we had talks and presentations from experienced professionals in the motorsport industry.

I have also added information regarding Honorary Doctorates and other links we have with the motorsport sector. Who is it for? The task sounded simple — until we started it. Validate models with respect to shape, mesh, contacts, materials law, etc using modelling and simulation tools.

Additional fees for extensions to the agreed registration period may be charged. Practical rhesis using Cranfield’s facilities and equipment Engagement with motorsport practitioners Motorsport related project work.

Cranfield University welcomes suggestions from MIA members for thesis projects

More importantly he gave us plenty of technical advice, emphasizing the main points that make a car win races. Motorsport Blog Motorsport MSc puts students in rhesis position. We reserve the right to reject any test score if any one element of the test score is too low. The module aims to provide an introduction to the selection, processing, design, and analysis of competition vehicles.


Advanced Motorsport Engineering MSc

Module Leader Clive Temple Aim To provide students with a series of learning activities during which they will acquire an understanding of how to apply management techniques to the context of motorsport and thus building an awareness of the specific management challenges faced in this sector. In addition to these minimum scores you are also expected to achieve hhesis balanced score across all elements of the test.

cranfield motorsport thesis

Experience gained is highly valued by both students and prospective employers. Selected overseas and EU students will be interviewed by telephone. Five student teams presented their conceptual design and performance prediction of an electric competition vehicle.

It includes representation from key individuals and leading organisations in global motorsport. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the essential facts, concepts and principles of incompressible flows including vortices and viscous effects, boundary layers, wing and diffuser aerodynamic characteristics.

cranfield motorsport thesis

Studying at Cranfield will immerse you in a highly focused motorsport engineering learning experience, providing you with access to motorsport companies and practitioners. The teams specialised in disciplines such as full battery electric powertrain, battery recharge vehicle and safety in design.

This module will enable students to understand the basic principles governing aerodynamics in relation to competition vehicles, including the use of wind tunnel cranfifld techniques. Provides methodologies for the analysis and interpretation of the data acquired, and how this underpins all performance optimisation.

It is clear that Clive also has a passion for racing motorcycles and we found ghesis that he also has a number of race bikes! The fees outlined apply to all students whose initial date of registration falls thess or between 1 Motorspkrt and 31 July Examine hybridisation and electrification of motorsport powertrains.


Entry Requirements A first or second class UK Honours degree or its international equivalent in engineering, mathematics, physics or an applied science and a demonstrable motivation and commitment to being actively involved in motorsport. European Union students applying for university places in the to academic year will still have access to student funding support.

Appraise the specific management challenges facing the motorsport sector. We are now part of a global network of motorsport practitioners.

cranfield motorsport thesis

You will cover design, construction and operation of competition vehicles, and related aspects cranfiekd materials science, aerodynamics, structural analysis, vehicle systems, and management techniques related to motorsport.

What really struck us was how the steel tubes deformed under these loads. Relate the metallic and non-metallic except composite material properties and structural properties. To understand the key features of CFD methods used for simulating external flows for engineering applications. Assess the potential sources of competitive advantage for an organisation in the motorsport sector and the steps needed to both create and sustain such an advantage 4.

This is required when selecting applicants for interview. Changes may also be designed to improve the student learning experience or to respond to feedback from students, external examiners, accreditation bodies and industrial advisory panels.

Recently completed thesis projects include: Demonstrate understanding of how aerodynamics affects the motorsport vehicle design and operation.