I enjoy interacting with the various students on campus coming in for tutoring, as well as my fellow co-workers. The managers are very hard to get along with and threaten you with your job if you are not in the clique. And it is not just the Latino population… Read More. Please also keep in mind that many revivals have new directors, choreographers, and set, lighting and costume designers as well as different casts. Florida State College at Jacksonville.

The most important benefit of being a season ticket holder is your same-seat privilege. For security purposes, seat location passes will not be mailed nor can they be picked up in advance. This program began in in Mississippi, and this year is celebrating their th year anniversary. The people you work with are pretty cool and the management is pretty laxed. The hardest part of the job is sometimes wondering whether or not I have done my absolute BEST, which I always strive for. Was this page helpful? Where we last left off, I was being carted away from my home like a criminal in the back of a police car.

Enjoyable Work, Faculty and Staff. This is the loudest library I’ve ever stepped foot in. Financial aid is the WORST, many students struggle cause they wait weeks into the semester to see any financial aid that is the cost of books, etc.


Ticket exchanges are only available when multiple performances of the same show are offered. We need your group or organization’s name, contact person, mailing address and phone number for our group contract.

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Our community is ready to ffscj. Exchange fees are as follows: No refunds will be offered for missed performances. For security purposes, only the person whose name is on the account may access information or order additional tickets using that account number.

It is a very slow paced place and very relaxing. Resultingly, there are requirements for keeping the position. The more flexible you are, the better the chance that we can fulfill your request.

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But ultimately told me, “If the system isn’t up for you by Thursday, I will manually enroll you myself as your advisor for Summer C. In order to make sure our patrons receive the absolute best prices, we do reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone we suspect is a third-party vendor, scalper, or ticket broker. Awful – December 06, This summer, more than 70 student performers and technicians will train with professional theatre artists in preparation….

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Decent, but needs more chance for advancement. Excellent work atmosphere and helpful coworkers. We mail out tickets via U.

You only get part time and minimum wage. That is finding the best way to help each individual student so their unique needs are met. I would recommend this place to everyone. Upon doing my own research I was realized I didn’t need that class. I cannot wait to get out of here. Its an institution that makes it difficult to believe they sincerely care about the students. My co-workers and I made a great team, and they have become friends outside of work.


Working as a Tutor at Florida State College at Jacksonville: Employee Reviews |

This school is not for the faint of heart. Was this review helpful? The final payment is due within 30 days before the show date. I went to the festival with my younger brother, and I was pleasantly surprised… Read More. As a math tutor, it was a fun working environment with a lot of room to personalize your teaching style.

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My manager is extremely responsive to both students’ and employees’ needs.