I have mixed feeling about the class. Review concepts that are typically taught during the undergrad algo courses, because it’s mostly assumed knowledge. Roughgarden’s first and second classes in Algorithms. Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. HW2 Week 4 , Feb

Notes for each lecture will also be posted to this web site. In any event, I have the following questions for folks who already completed the class: Problems, languages and Undecidability. Did the Udacity lectures make sense to you? However, I hope over the summer they can make some modifications to the lectures to make them clearer. This class is scary.

HW7 Week 9Mar They will be posted here ce someone gets around to asking him if it’s Homeework to post them here. The material changes throughout the term, and the new material is just as dense. If you don’t know how to translate a proof that is presented symbolically into words, then you will struggle in this class. The new course is CS Click here to edit contents of this page. Divide-and-conquer, sorting, median finding.

Overview of topics not covered sampling, spectral methods, game theory, learning theory, crypto, coding theory. Take the time to look up one or two similar lectures, and find some easier practice problems before you sit down to do the homework. Specifically, when I reached the first “Quick Quiz” during the first lecture chapter, it was clear to me that he omitted any sort of explanation about the relevant mathematical notion.


cs 6505 homework

Make sure you are actually familiar with the notation and have a solid foundation. All homeworks are due in class on the assigned due date.

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cs 6505 homework

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CS — Computability, Complexity & Algorithms – Succeed in OMSCS

As for your questions: HW3 Week 5Feb What they list on their suggested prerequisites is really just scratching the surface. Also, it would help me if the instructor talked more slowly and explained things in clearer terms because, like azoolent, I am having to seek out online lectures that explain the concepts more clearly.

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Compared to KBAI where I just took four days off of work 65055 the last two weeks to put about 60 hours of work into one project.


cs 6505 homework

Maybe that someone is gomework The homework requires a lot of cleverness that I just wasn’t cut out for without some more examples, and I regret sitting there hoping I was going to get clever. Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. HW10 Week 14Apr In many cases I think a Powerpoint slide or a simple animation would make a concept much clearer than scribbling on the projector.

CS 6505: Fall 2018

The general consensus is that the course videos are enjoyable but do not go deeply enough into the concepts to be useful for the nuts and bolts of working problems on exams. Check out the Spring Homework Assignments! Did the Udacity lectures make sense to you? Design and Analysis, Part 2 on Coursera. I was really surprised that so many people found it to be so difficult.

PCP, approximation and hardness, Take home Final: MWF, 11am, Klaus To take for free, find the courses in the catalog rather than the specialization page, then select Audit.