The central part of this story is about an influential Navy man who created and popularized a theory of economy and industry that formed the foundation for much of what now passes for modern political governance. Fourth, his recognition of the influence of geography on strategy was tempered by a strong appreciation of the power of contingency to affect outcomes. Turk, The Ambiguous Relationship: Mahan’s middle name honors “the father of West Point”, Sylvanus Thayer. Captain Rear admiral post retirement. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This month, May , marks the th anniversary of that epic battle.

So why bother follow a rule that makes no sense? Pinkney Bernard Bailyn Gordon A. Mahan described a formula for national power, if not greatness, but it was and remains a formula that must be followed. And the next step, according to Mahan, for was Britain and Holland to build powerful navies to protect their merchant ships. Mahan’s framework derived from Antoine-Henri Jomini , and emphasized strategic locations such as choke points , canals, and coaling stations , as well as quantifiable levels of fighting power in a fleet. The French Revolution and the emergence of modern strategies In naval warfare: Mahan offered something else to his worldwide readership.

United States of America Union. What was this magic elixir of sea power that Mahan described?

In one passage, Mahan describes the plight of Portugal: History at your fingertips. The young Ensign Mahan served on the Union side during the Mahasn War, learning his naval profession by working on ships that supported the Northern blockade of the Southern ports.

Alfred Thayer Mahan

Instead of exporting those precious metals, today the United States exports dollars. Military Thessis at West Point, N. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: London and the Invention of the Middle East: Luce pointed Mahan in the direction of writing his future studies on the influence of sea power. Johns Nahional University Press, Tirpitz used Mahan not only as a way of winning over German public opinion but also as a guide to strategic thinking.


describe alfred thayer mahans thesis national power

Thesiz a year of publication, it was translated into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Japanese, among other languages. For more information, please see the full notice. The protagonist in G.

Naval Institute Proceedings In his book, Mahan identified specific social and industrial policies that a nation required in order to be successful at sea and, by extension, to earn and keep its place in the world. Miller Robert Darnton Eric Foner Please try again later.

The French Revolution and the emergence of modern strategies. What concerned Mahan most was natuonal that the U. Mahan emphasized that naval operations were chiefly to be won by decisive battles and blockades. Goldstein Vicki L. Given the rapid technological changes underway in propulsion from coal to oil and from reciprocating engines to turbinesordnance with better fire directors, and new high explosivesand armor and the emergence of new craft such as destroyers and submarines, Mahan’s emphasis on the capital ship and the command of the sea came at an opportune moment.

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Alfred Thayer Mahan | United States naval officer |

But Mahan also provides a cautionary note: After the outbreak of hostilities with Spain in MayPresident William McKinley finally secured the annexation of Hawaii by means of joint resolution of Congress.


As a delegate to the Hague ConventionMahan argued against prohibiting the use of asphyxiating gases in warfare on the ground that such weapons would inflict such terrible casualties that belligerents would be forced to end wars more quickly, thus providing a net advantage for world peace.

describe alfred thayer mahans thesis national power

In later life, Mahan often spoke to Episcopal parishes. So according to Mahan, sea power goes hand in hand with commerce and trade. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. In the course of writing about naval history and its related military affairs, of sea battles long ago, with broadsides blazing and cannonballs whistling between wind-powered men-of-war, the American naval officer had articulated a political and economic theory for the modern age.

By Byron King Posted May 12, The theories of Mahan are credited or blamed for providing intellectual and political impetus for a naval armaments race among European powers that tjesis, almost a quarter century later, to the outbreak of the Great War. Mahan described a formula for national power, if not greatness, poqer it was and remains a formula that must be followed.

Mahan was the son of a professor at the U. The search for constants.