Der Klimawandel vor Gericht. He is currently working as a lecturer at the physics teacher training programme at the University of Bremen. Concepts of history, epistemology and sociology of science]. He did his PhD in the intersection of experimental physics, history of physics and science education summa cum laude. Konzepte des Lehrens und Wege des Lernens im bilingualen Sachfachunterricht.

Lernchancen, 10 57 , S. Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht – Physik, 21 , S. Please, consider that I have a sabbatical and will not be in Hamburg all the time. Uses of uncertain evidence for learning]. Students draw a “way of science”].

Zur Didaktik der Physik und Chemie.

Looking Back into the Future: Uses of uncertain evidence for learning]. Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht – Physik, 21S. Jahrestagung in Dresden What are the objectives and motivations to do science? Subjektive Orientierungen beim Urteilen und Entscheiden. He did his PhD in the intersection of experimental physics, history of physics and science education summa cum laude. How and what can we learn from replicating historical experiments? Judgement and Decision-Making as a Competence].


Die Fallstudie “Stephen Gray”.

News : Physics Education : Universität Hamburg

Argumente mithilfe der Argumente-Kommode entwickeln und ordnen. Bewertungskompetenz in ditmar Physikdidaktik: Otto von Guericke und die Schwefelkugel [Electric repulsion and scientific instruments: After obtaining his teacher diploma he gained experience in science teaching on secondary-school-level.

Die Natur der Naturwissenschaften historisch verstehen. Der mathematisch naturwissenschaftliche Unterricht 64 1 The project will foster the inclusion of history and philosophy of science in science teaching for the benefit of scientific literacy.

Education for Sustainable Development]. Ethisches Bewerten im naturwissenschaftlichen Unterricht: Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht — Physik, 22 Heft On whats it means to understand physics?

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Höttecke

Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht – Physik, 23 Physikalisches Wissen beim Bewerten und Entscheiden nutzen [Learning to judge didsertation the greenhouse – using physics knowledge for judgement and decision-making].

Elektrische und magnetische Anziehung unter der Lupe: Didactical and historical investigations.

dissertation dietmar höttecke

The nature of science in physics education]. Understanding physics with history]. European Journal of Geography. Klimawandel n in Norddeutschland. A collection of invited papers inspired by the 20th Symposium on Chemical and Science Education held at the University of Bremen, May pp.


Projektziele, -design und Erhebungsinstrumente. Structuring language development in physics education]. Theoretical and empirical foundation].

dissertation dietmar höttecke

Jahrestagung in Essen S.