You’ll need to engage with a variety of other ideas and texts, and make sure you acknowledge where these ideas have come from, by telling the reader what these texts your sources are. Such proposals should include the preparation of documentation for consideration, including amendments to programme specifications. Did it deliver the message effectively? Any work referred to in the text must be fully listed in the reference list at the end of the report, and there must be no references in the list which are not used in the text of the report. We expect that in the process you will develop your critical thinking and professional skills to maximize your ability to go out and solve climate change problems after you leave us. The Academic Appeals Committee will normally only consider appeals submitted based on this ground when a student can demonstrate that they could not have submitted them at the appropriate time.

Please note that the submission of falsified documents in support of Mitigating Circumstances is a disciplinary offence and where, following initial scrutiny, there remains reasonable doubt that documents are genuine the University will commence disciplinary procedures in accordance with Senate Regulation 6. Signed attendance lists and copies of contact letters are filed in the IfE office. Clear purpose Unclear purpose, no hypothesis 6. Being a disabled student including having a chronic medical condition in itself is very unlikely to be accepted as a mitigating circumstance, as the likely impact on your studies is foreseeable as soon as the disability is known. This checklist should be completed for every research project.

Always attribute direct quotations and enclose them within quotation marks. Note, due to University timetabling, the Appendix may not be available until September Such proposals should include the preparation of documentation for consideration, including amendments to programme specifications.

If you do not produce the certificate of posting, then the date of receipt by the course administrator will be treated as the submission date. Formal minutes of meetings will be taken, which will be presented to TLC.

Remember if you have any problems with referencing it is important to note that the object of the process is to provide as accurate a means as possible for someone else to locate the exact source of material you are using.


Professional Development Period 60 Credits The Enhanced MSc programme will feature a 60 Credit Professional Development programme, the preparation for which will begin in Term 3, with a presentation and pitching skills workshop and an academic supervisor and mentor matching event. The control of movement.

Dissertation late submission brunel

Illustrations other than dissertatioh The standard illustrations should approach that required for publication. A separate Mitigating Circumstances Panel considers individual student issues in confidence, and reports to TLC and to the Examination Panel, where final decisions about appropriate actions for acceptance of student work are made. For example the above papers would be referred to as Swot ; Hoodwink and Phoney ; Good et al.

The module block IE, which runs in Term 2, disssrtation in a research proposal, normally submitted in the early part of Term 3.

Conceptual analysis The report will reflect an excellent and thorough understanding of i the scientific information, hypotheses and ideas drawn from the literature and will present a very strong analysis of these aspects supported by a critical and coherent discussion, or ii of the scientific relevance of the data in particular in the context of data drawn from other sources and will present a very strong analysis of shbmission aspects.

Any documents sent by post will be returned as soon as possible.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

The supervisor should ensure that the student obtains appropriate help from Institute or outside sources, to optimise the content of the dissertation. Accurate presentation of evidence Much evidence inaccurate 7.

An assessment or module may be core for one award and non-core for another award. This is important in order to: Any coursework not submitted to the course administrator OR representative will be deemed to have not been submitted — this is a strict University policy. Information provided by the Graduate Submiission is provided below.

Please follow the protocol below: Any Masters student who fails to submit by the standard submission deadline or revised submission deadline as in a or b above will be assigned a grade F for the dissertation.


There is a University-wide procedure for dealing with requests for Internal Resolution, which your School will operate. Structure of provision IfE TLC is the principal instrument of student support, since it oversees the academic programmes of study.

Unpublished material includes items such as lecture notes and personal discussions.

Dissertation Late Submission Brunel

This is a matter of agreement between an individual lecturer and student. The key points relating to MC Panels are: Please note that the Student Self-certification of Illness Form requires you to sign the following declaration: The University normally expects you to submit original documents in support of your request for Mitigating Circumstances.

We are also joined by Prof. Students obtaining a grade C or above in the dissertation module block will be eligible for the award of MSc, conditional on having achieved the minimum grade profile in the taught module blocks. Challenges to academic judgement You cannot appeal solely because the result you have achieved is worse than you would have wished, or worse than you feel you deserve.

dissertation late submission brunel

Students submisaion fail to register within the permissible registration period will be reported to UKBA. The Graduate School is a dedicated postgraduate facility with 24 hour access, which includes a kitchen; a quiet study room; a common room plus a laptop loan service and lockers.

The dissertation supervisor will be a member of staff who has agreed to supervise the project and has relevant expertise. They never missed a disserattion or gave me a bad paper.

dissertation late submission brunel

Conclusions In this chapter it is important to summarise your key findings and overall conclusions, particularly if you have used more than one chapter for your discussions.