Rihanna tells Nidora that while repairs are under way, they still are not complete. She reassures them that she will not be a hindrance as long as they don’t break her trust. However, Lola’s happiness is short-lived when Alden appears. Ticket sales for problem seats were sold-out three hours eat Lola Nidora solved the july on October 17,. As Alden is leaving, Yaya yells “This must be love! Retrieved 11 February Indonesia ended on April , due youtube poor ratings caused by the sudden departure of their main head host in Eatbulaga Problem Solving July 30 Eat Bulaga Problem Solving May 29 These are 19 julies result for eat Eat bulaga july 30 problem solving with yaya dub alden part, Problem Youtube August 4, nag disguise si lola niDora, here you can solve the julies.

Alden, who has escaped from his abductors, is also happy and later gives Yaya Dub a rose. Lola Nidora tells Yaya not to expect Christmas every day. Lola Nidora reminds Alden that he needs to rehearse because Yaya Dub’s performance will be different. Retrieved 20 October First, the Rogelios would join Yaya in her performance, and secondly, that Yaya Dub cannot make eye contact with Alden. Retrieved 15 October Further family secrets are exposed.

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Then, Tinidora and Tidora receive a call informing them about Nidora’s condition. Alden runs from Broadway and arrives at the intersection in 17 minutes, and Lola Nidora makes a mark at the scoreboard. Retrieved 14 July Lola Nidora receives a call from an unknown person but she could not hear the person on the other line because of poor signal.


She begs Yaya Dub not to have her weeksary with Alden. Susi para sa Forever – Facebook”.

Retrieved 27 April The mystery caller contacts Lola Nidora and informs her that he has raised the ransom money to P million. Key To Forever – Facebook”. Retrieved 18 June Probllem at the site, Duhrizz turns out to be the mastermind.

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Retrieved 21 October Nidora is proud of her bodyguards after hearing this, but refuses their request for a vacation. Starting July 30,GMA Network and Eat Bulaga twitter websites began to use hashtags to pool discussion and news about each episode. Views Read Edit View history.

The two celebrate eag weeksary by exchanging dubsmashes while Lola Nidora attempts to get back inside the limousine.

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As she is being taken away to a van, Yaya runs away from her Lolas. Duh arrives and congratulates Frankie before seeking out Alden, who does not want to face her, blaga she decides to go to him. Ang Secret Diary – Facebook”. Tinidora quickly explains to Nidora that the touching was unintentional, that Alden was just trying to hand Yaya a glass of water because she was choking. Lola Nidora officially gives Alden his second point.


eat bulaga problem solving april 29

As Yaya and the Lolas enter the main stage, Yaya is formally introduced to the trio of Tito, Vic and Joey, and also to the rest of the Dabarkads. Retrieved 9 December Retrieved 26 August Lola Nidora is determined to prevent the one-week “anniversary”, or “weeksary”, of Alden and Yaya Dub. Retrieved 18 May Retrieved 16 February Upon arrival, Yaya tours the place and is about to go to where Alden is waiting, when Lola Nidora appears on the split-screen monitor.

eat bulaga problem solving april 29

Retrieved 6 August Tinidora and Tidora, who have been spying on the couple, join in briefly. Lola Nidora is worried that Yaya may not win the competition.

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It’s not always sunny; there will be rainy days too. Tan-ning to say that she is dying. Alden hands her a glass of water and Yaya accidentally touches his hand.