First Date Part 2 – Facebook”. Yaya Dub gives Alden a letter and in exchange, he gives Yaya the handkerchief Bossing Vic gave to him earlier. Retrieved 12 March Their happiness is short-lived when Dra. Meanwhile, Alden is seen waiting for Yaya Dub at the performers’ entrance.

While Yaya Dub performs, Alden’s task is to fill up a huge glass container with water using a single pail. Retrieved 2 July Because Alden has fulfilled all of her wishes, Nidora tells him that he can come back anytime he wants as long as the sisters are there. The sisters give him a tour of the place and show him their family pictures. Yaya Dub is also excited that the next day is the second monthsary between her and Alden.

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Suddenly, Yaya Dub receives a call and starts to weep as she converses with the caller. Lola Nidora is regretful that she was unable to obtain the ransom money for the Secret Diary. As the story unfolds, characters from Lola Nidora and Yaya Dub’s past are revealed as a part of their backstory. Alden runs from Broadway and arrives at the intersection splving 17 minutes, and Lola Nidora makes a mark at the scoreboard.

eat bulaga problem solving april 29

Retrieved 11 August In order to build a better future for their children, many OFWs are separated from their families. Later on, Lola Nidora increases her demand to P51,, where 92 P will be used to have her ears checked.


Retrieved 10 August If their answers correspond to each other, they can advance to the next base until they reach their destination.

Lola Nidora tells him that she has allowed Yaya Dub to participate in zpril “Dabarkads Pa More” contest because it is Yaya’s dream to perform. What Happened to Yaya? Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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Prolbem prevent Isadora from taking Yaya Dub from her and her sisters, Nidora makes them all wear disguises to camouflage their appearance. Tan-ning to say that she is dying. Retrieved 29 March Yaya Dub then ublaga mad at him. Retrieved 22 April Lola Nidora turns to Alden and demands that he must still satisfy her challenges, to which he agrees. Nidora lets Alden and Yaya converse when their call is cut short after someone takes the phone away from Yaya.

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Lola then asks Yaya to open and read her emails. Kalye’s Angels – Facebook”.

eat bulaga problem solving april 29

She is jealous and angry because Alden prefers Yaya Dub over her. Retrieved 12 August Retrieved 24 June Retrieved 22 June Lola Nidora soon realizes that she cannot replace Yaya Dub, who then appears much to Lola’s joy. Afterwards, Lola Nidora promises the couple that prob,em will give them a gift.


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Retrieved 15 June While Frankie signs the check, the police arrive and arrest the pastor under charges of illegal recruitment and falsification of documents. Nidora tells Yaya that traditionally, men would serenade women to woo them. Nidora tells Yaya that the OFWs Overseas Filipino Workers should be her inspiration because they endure suffering and work hard for their loved ones. While Alden and Yaya are seated, Tinidora and the Dabarkads find ways to push the couple closer to each other when Nidora is not looking.

In the meantime, Alden is not feeling well.

Twenty Four Hours and Counting – Facebook”. However, while the vows were being recited, Yaya Dub faints and has to be brought out of the venue. Nidora also reminds Yaya and Alden that she will always be there to support them.

Lola Nidora, bulga does not want Yaya Dub to know about her birth, bribes Jose to be quiet.