We consider an integrated circuit IC that contains N cells or modules that are connected by K wires. This M-file will also define a second data set, Xtest and ytest, of the same size i. If you find such a B, you must explain how you found it, and verify say, in matlab that it satisfies the required properties. Boyd EE homework problems Lecture. You can then rewrite your solution in a more compact formula that uses complex matrices and vectors if you like. Here is a sample application which is not needed to solve the problem. In this part of the problem, we assume that once the message reaches a node, a copy is kept there, even when the message is transmitted to another node.

Does your method always work? Show that the converse holds: EEa, Winter Prof. You are welcome to look at the code that generates these matrices, but you do not need to understand it. The algorithm you will discover is called back substitution, because you are substituting known or computed values of xi into the equations to compute the next xi in reverse order. And it takes a few seconds to evaluate it, so calling the p-file function is something like a carrying out a real physical experiment. The quantities B, b1 ,.

We can intrepret Aij which is either zero or one as the number of branches that connect node i to node j. Choose one of the following: In either case, give the code that you use to verify oslutions the required property holds and in the second case, that the x you found is the only one.


We do not assume it is controllable. It is extremely important that you explain very clearly how you come up with your prediction.

This holds if and only if H is a left inverse of G, i. You might be interested in a way to find A and b directly from the affine functionf. The emission rates are to be determined, or estimated. Explain how to determine whether or not the following statements hold: The state transition probabilities are described as follows: Set this up and solve it as a least-squares homeworm.

ee homework 3 solutions

The congestion is positive if the traffic exceeds the target rate, and negative if it is below the target rate. You will develop several soluions models that relate the signals u and y. Now suppose we have a measurement y taken on a day when we did not calibrate the sensor system.

Using these reference homeworrk, the flow or traffic on link j is denoted fj. You only need to give one prescription for getting the message from node 5 to node 18 in minimum time. The problem is to find ee63 rational function of smallest degree that is consistent with this data.

Below we describe several transformations of the signal x, that produce a new signal y whose dimension varies. As usual, we assume that smaller values of kvk are more plausible than larger values.

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This representation is unique: Use the matlab function stairs to plot u t. The emission rates are not the same as in part bbut the source and spot measurement locations are.


Thus, the goal is to fill in or interpolate missing data in a 2D array an image, sayso the reconstructed array is as smooth as possible.

The study of time series predates the extensive study of state-space linear systems, and is used in many fields e. Show both force profiles in a single plot. By design we mean, give G and H explicitly and verify that they have the required properties.

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Homeqork Uorig the original array and U the interpolated array found by your methodusing imagesc. Assignment Solutions Homework 3: You can take the formula above as a definition; you do not need to understand the statistical interpretation.

Ee263 homework 5 solutions

The idea here is that v t is unpredictable, sollutions we simply replace it with zero when we estimate the next time-series sample. How big and how small can 6 a, b be? We consider the usual estimation setup: We consider the problem of selecting a portfolio composed of n assets.

ee263 homework 5 solutions

There are also matrices for which it does hold, e. If they are all three the same, or all three different, say so. In cases where there is a right inverse B with the required property, you solktions briefly explain how you found your B.