Give the value of M found. Roughly speaking, this means that receiver i can process the received signal so as to perfectly recover the ith transmitted signal, while rejecting any interference from the other signals x1 ,. The one-step-ahead predictor is obtained by simply assuming that v t is zero. By examining the offsets for the different vehicles, suggest a vehicle you might want to have a maintenance crew check out. You are told k, the number of nonzero entries in x, but not the particular indices of the entries of x that are nonzero. Each reaction has a known stoichiometry, which tells us the rate of consumption and production of the metabolites per unit of reaction rate. Compare Uorig the original array and U the interpolated array found by your method , using imagesc.

Show the matlab verification that your B does indeed reconstruct x, and rejects the disturbance patterns you claim it does. Give a one sentence comment about what you observe. This model is called an autoregressive AR model, since the current output is a linear combination of i. In this problem we explore a simple version of a tomography problem. Consider an undirected graph with n nodes, and no self loops i. By examining the offsets for the different vehicles, suggest a vehicle you might want to have a maintenance crew check out. Recall that the gradient of a differentiable function f:

The increase in J can be thought of as the cost of imposing the deadlines, in terms of the size of estimator matrix.

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Explain how this follows from parts a homewoork b above. We are given a series z up to time t. Explain your method, and submit the code that you use to solve the problem. The vehicle starts at the origin, at rest, i. Either design a one-bit error correcting linear block code with the smallest possible m, or explain why it cannot be done. This is what we needed to show. Give the value of J corresponding to your estimate.


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In other words, a cycle is a sequence of nodes of the form s0s1. The sentence is allowable i.

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Such as array can represent an image, or a sampled description of a function defined on a rectangle. Please try to give simple examples, that make it easy for you to justify that the ranks of A, B, and AB are what you claim they are. This might occur in a communications system, where the transmitted signal power is known to be equal to one.

ee263 homework 9 solutions

In summary, you are given the problem data wknown which gives the known array valuesZknown which gives the locations of the known valuesand Zunknown which gives the locations of the unknown array values, in some specific order.

We consider the standard measurement setup: This file also creates the matrices Dx and Dywhich you are welcome to use.

The matrix T describes homeworm linear mapping from a chunk of the input to a chunk of the output. This is possible because the base stations are synchronized using the Global Positioning System.

Almir proposes the estimate and ignore method. First verify the following inequality, which is like the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality but even easier ee26 prove: In either case, give the code that you use to verify that the required property holds and in the second case, that the x you found is the only one.

Repeat for another set of parameters that is not reasonable, i. Give some general conditions on the constellation i.


You will develop several different models that relate the signals u and y. Soputions are also used to model flow of metabolites into and out of the cell. Most of the linear algebra you have seen is unchanged when the scalars, matrices, and vectors are complex, i.

It is soltions an VAR 1 model, which is short for vector auto-regressive, with one time lag. The reaction R1 has no effect on metabolites M4. You may assume that the last fully reflective interface is not faulty.

Rsa homework solutions

Your solution to this problem should consist of a clear written narrative that explains what you are doing, and gives formulas symbolically; the matlab source code you devise to find the numerical answers, along with comments explaining it all; and the final plots produced by matlab. Use the matlab function stairs to plot u t. Give an explicit expression for k. There are n sources of a pollutant, at known locations s1. The congestion is positive if the traffic exceeds the target rate, and negative if it is below the target rate.

In many specific applications, it is possible and useful to make a stronger statement, for example, to derive a bound on how large the error can be.