The Mathematization of Physics at Gottingen.. From Space Forms to Lie Algebras. Hurwitz and the Theory of Invariants. Yes, it would take a while to read all his work! Series Sources and studies in the history of mathematics and physical sciences.

Cartan considered only those transformations of manifolds for which there is no subdivision of manifolds into the classes transposed by the transformations under consideration. Skip to search Skip to main content. For instance, what does one such a polynomial look like? When you saw him on the street, when a certain issue would come up, he would pull out some old envelope and write something and give you the answer. Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. MathOverflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

The Gottingen School of Hilbert. Imprint New York, NY: Cartan was practically alone in the field of Lie ghesis for the thirty years after his dissertation.

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None of these are stable elements, though. Weyl’s Finite Basis Theorem. These are the only cases in which the stabilizer of a stable element is up to finite extension an exceptional group. Cartan’s chief tool was the calculus of exterior differential forms, which he helped to create and develop in the ten years following his thesis, and then proceeded to apply with extraordinary virtuosity to the most varied problems in differential geometry, Lie groups, analytical dynamics, and general relativity.

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This was due partly to his extreme modesty and partly to the fact that in France the main trend of mathematical research after was in the field of function theory, but chiefly to his extraordinary originality. Complete Systems and Lie’s Idee Fixe.


The Geometrical Origins of Lie’s Theory. It was only after that a younger generation started to explore the thesus treasure of ideas and results that lay buried in his papers.

Breaking with tradition, he sought from the start to formulate and solve the problems in a completely invariant fashion, independent of any particular choice of variables and unknown functions. Hilbert and the Theory of Invariants. He also made significant contributions to general relativity and indirectly to quantum mechanics.

Spurred by Weyl’s brilliant results on compact groups, he developed new methods for the study of global properties of Lie groups; in particular he showed that topologically a connected Lie group is a product of a Euclidean space and a compact group, and for compact Lie groups he discovered that the possible fundamental groups of the underlying manifold can be read from the structure of the Lie algebra of the group.

Gaston Darboux Sophus Lie. Cayley’s Counting Problem Revisited.

Emergence of the Theory of Lie Eliie [electronic resource]: Robert Bryant Robert Bryant Cartan’s mathematical work can be described as the development of analysis on differentiable manifolds, which many now consider the central and most vital part of modern mathematics and which he was foremost in shaping and advancing.

In some sense, “history” only retains part of each great mathematician’s work, but when one reads the sources, one realizes there is much more in their work than one might get the impression a priori. SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries.


elie cartan thesis

Series Sources and studies in the history of mathematics and physical sciences. Email Required, but never shown. Encounter with Lie’s Theory. In modern terms, the method consists in associating to a fiber bundle E the principal fiber bundle having the same base and having at each point of the base a fiber equal to the group that acts on the fiber of E at the same point.

elie cartan thesis

Malkoun Malkoun 3 cartsn I did not know where to find it online. Alexandre Eremenko Alexandre Eremenko Cartan prepared for the contest under the supervision of M.

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It was in the process of determining the linear representations of the orthogonal groups that Cartan discovered in the spinorswhich later played such an important role in quantum mechanics.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lie’s Theory of Transformation Groups In he became a foreign member of the Polish Academy of Learning and in a foreign member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. He knew all these papers on simple Lie groupsLie algebrasall by heart.