Show reviews that mention. Held daily since , the ceremony takes place every evening before sunset at the Wagah border — just outside of Amritsar, Punjab. Last year in , we were in Jaipur on Janmastami and I just thought why not to use those three days and go somewhere. Now came the big question. September 18, at By the time, we reached the main entrance; the stadium was full and closed for the public. During our visit, my daughter was less than a year so it was an easy decision for us.

However, with the help of some locals, we were back again just before Amritsar around 12 noon. The festivities begin with dancing on the Indian side prior to the official ceremony with women of all ages partaking in the celebrations. Cool pics and videos. Moon September 2, at 6: Trip to Wagah Border – Wagah Border. Previous Next 1 … 24 25 26 … Whatever you would find interesting to write about would be interesting to read.

essay on visit to wagah border

I do not remember how long this state of affairs lasted because on all subsequent visits I saw the two sides lowering their flags in the same manner with equal fan fare. September 20, at 3: Yuvraj Singh 22 years old, student and entrepreneur, Mohan Bisht 38 years old, banker and photographer, Gauri Rana 33year old, trekker and storyteller together…. Yesterday only my wife were asking me to visit Amritsar in November to celebrate birthday of our son and today I read this wonderful post of yours regarding Amritsar: Vandana ji, excellent write-up.

Or is it defined by borders and boundries?


An evening at Wagah Border

In addition to the ideals of equality, the tradition of Langar expresses the ethics of sharing, community, inclusiveness and oneness of all humankind. Ask MohammadS about Wagah Border. However, it took another hour to reach Hotel from there, due to heavy city traffic, as well as our inability to follow the language. We reached the Shrine around 6: Do I need to say anything about me? The Indian and Pakistani army soldiers marched up to the gate and when they met, they acknowledge each other with a salute, lifting their legs very high and returned.

India Pakistan Border Closing Ceremony | Wagah, India | Photo Essay

Inwe were celebrating our 63 rd Independence Day. It was a Sunday and we would have loved to spend one more day, but had no other option but to leave.

We achieved independence following the Indian independence movement. There has been enough enmity for 61 years and if the scale of that has to be lowered then surely this is not the way to do it.

It was evening time and the sun was about to set. What an immense article. When we gave him our details, he welcomes us and surprised at the same time.

I always found myself driving on the road without planning my trip before things have changed a little bit after the birth of my son gradually. Very good narration Amitava as always in your posts.

essay on visit to wagah border

With free admission aside from transport the ceremony attracts enormous crowds of both locals, tourists and foreigners; however, on the Pakistani side, the crowds is a much more humble gathering.


The school girls that danced on the Indian side with total abandon had their counterparts on the other side in school girls wearing head scarves and waving flags demurely. There were many people like us outside the Gate. August 15, at 8: Sitting in the VIP gallery just yards away from the Pakistani crowds I could not help but wonder about all those places that my family members of the previous generation left behind to make their way to safety on this side in We captured some moments in the Handy cam and became an instant hit in the crowd, since no one was able to see anything — whatever they enjoyed, they enjoyed through the view finder.

However, from that point we could hardly see anything. When we crossed Jalandhar, we knew that we are about to reach Amritsar, which is approx. Sign me up for the newsletter! But the feeling bordre same…. Except the fencing, everything is so similar.

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You will definitely love the place…. Ask Escape about Wagah Border. That these were two often hostile countries face to face across an international border was brought home only by the small stone markers with some numbers written on them.

essay on visit to wagah border