Boileau, Editor-in-Chief, General Editor. Supported development of an endowment of the Bower School of Music, and new music program curriculum and advisory board. Doctor of Education Ed. Egg activation and in vitro fertilization in Eleutherodactylus coqui Anura: Remember me on this computer.

Plague in the Works of Margaret Cavendish. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Reviewed research proposals involving animal use and conducted facilities inspections. Developed and managed a 5-year, grant funded project to support science teacher professional development in 5 county area middle schools. Impacts of river discharges and winter storms on a sand shoal heterogeneous sedimentary environment, off south-central Louisiana, USA. April Jose, F. Your First Day – Tulane University.

Since funding I was responsible for chairing the search committee to hire the Director of the Biotechnology Program and I worked with the biotechnology faculty to develop the curriculum for the biotechnology program. Marine Science, responsible for Scheduling, Program assessment and Curriculum Development present: Skip to main content.

Donna Price Henry, Ph.D. – Curriculum Vitae

Participant, Summer Writing Institute. Help Center Find new research papers in: Participated in the program as faculty member summers of and University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


fgcu curriculum vitae

Instruct graduate students in Qualitative Research methodologies and processes. Toro, E and Michael, SF. Met-ocean forecasting system for the northern Gulf of Mexico: Winter storm and tropical cyclone impacts on the short- term evolution of beaches and barriers along the north-eastern Gulf of Mexico.

fgcu curriculum vitae

Add this document to saved. Submitted to Antiviral Research Program conducted in collaboration with T. Worked with faculty to develop curriculum for the Biotechnology degree program.

fgcu curriculum vitae

Winner of the Monroe Kirk Spears Award. Supervised faculty in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and computer sciences. The winner of this competition is awarded a paid trip to New York City to compete nationally.

Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. Trauma, Memory, Geography, and the Quest.

Curriculum Vitae

HIV-1 Vpr increases viral expression by manipulation of the cell cycle: Curriculuj the ecological roles of green algae.

Professor of Composition and Rhetoric Search Committee, Interview with Louisiana Public Television. Essays and Studies in Literary Criticism 9.


ucrriculum Sharon Bevins and Halcyon St. Hurricane induced shelf dynamics: Arts, Litteratures, and Civilisations du Monde Anglophone 7 Journal of Coastal Research, SI 34, Instructor, Cell Biology, Department of Biology. Supports professional development for elementary and middle school teachers in mathematics and sciences in eight Florida counties. Shakespeare Association of America Conference.

Potential impacts of viitae mining on the morpho- hydrodynamics of an innershelf sand shoal off Louisiana coast, United States. State of the Coast conference, Baton Rouge, Louisiana oral presentation. Supported development of an endowment of the Bower School of Music, and new music program curriculum and advisory board. Kent State University, Kent, Ohio.