However, a range of dedicated solar scopes are available. Blazars are very compact versions of quasars. Quasars or Quasi-Stellar Radio Sources can emit everything from X-rays to radio waves, and sometimes gamma rays. Some scientists attribute this mystery to a combination of theories, not just one. Meanwhile, Earth will be scorched as our swelling Sun fights to stay ablaze. In my opinion, the best piece of evidence is this:

This extreme heat causes atoms of hydrogen within the core to whizz around… fast! The supplementary video explains this further. As you see, once the maximum point is passed, the number of sunspots declines. What are the aurorae? In particular, they proved to us that Earth does not lie at the centre of the Solar System nor indeed the Universe.

What are the main physical characteristics of the planets?

GCSE astronomy coursework – constellations | STEM

If so, point to any of the following:. There is experimental evidence to courseworl this. It sent back lovely, close-up images of the comet in the hours before impact. What exactly are sunspots?

Clear and accurate observational details included. These telescopes have another advantage over optical ones: Why is the far side of the Moon not visible from Earth? Can we view our whole galaxy through ordinary telescopes?


Consequently, a tiny spark was enough to ignite the cabin.

gcse astronomy coursework constellations

You could treat this information as data, and plot shadow length against time on a graph, like so:. A kilometre is one thousand metres. To see a video about rearranging formulae on the Maths Tidbits page, Click Here. Moreover, for a student of GCSE Astronomy, having practical knowledge of sundials proves that you also understand our Sun, and its interaction with Earth.

We asyronomy you have liked this presentation. Assuming an abundance of H 2 O molecules there, plus an appropriate coursdwork pressure, such a world could sustain liquid water on its surface.

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Good range of astronomical terminology used correctly. The lava left behind dark, iron-rich, basaltic plains. This is why a neutron star is so named. In a way, you could argue that dark energy is a form of anti-gravity: After leaving the corona, they continue to hurtle through space at speeds between kilometres per second. Alternatively, you could be given some information and asked to perform a simple calculation. Nicolaus Copernicus was the first person to cast serious doubt upon the geocentric that is, Earth-centred model of astromomy Solar System, which had stood unchallenged for years.

Motion in the Sky. Meteoroids may possess some iron-nickel content.

GCSE astronomy coursework – constellations

The teacher provides a helpful explanation. Imagine a bath full of water, with the water trying to fall down the plughole. But all the information on this page is relevant to the new syllabus Edexcel 1AS0. Rather, the Sun lies at the centre, with Earth and all the other planets orbiting it. But the farther away from your nose the finger is held, the smaller its apparent jump becomes.


GCSE Astronomy Controlled Assessment

Over time, this material coalesced with material from the other planet to form the Moon. This constfllations applies when using a telescope or binoculars.

gcse astronomy coursework constellations

The Sun may be partially eclipsed for up to two hours. So, until mankind invents warp drive, heliocentric parallax is one technique we use for answering the question: For them, determining the exact value of the Hubble Constant is key to determining the exact age of the Universe.

This is the rotation period; the time it takes Earth to spin all the way round on its axis. Hence, lunar eclipses occur more frequently.