Life is indeed a boon! I will not dwell much on the second part. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: My reaction to the speech was just the vehicle to get into that discussion, and no doubt I was hard on a good man. A commentary can be an opinion or something more.

Probably it hurt the Educ Sec so much to see the youth under his wings are also being corrupted like what happened to a national boys organization. Calma, BS Business Administration, 1. Individual memory capacity, objective and methodology are all part of the mix. Go to the beach? I might have to reverse myself. With the job opportunities offered for K graduates, better quality of education for students and Philippines being at par with other countries, this program is truly beneficial for everyone. Notify me of new posts via email.

Same problem in Singapore. The quote did not say trolling.

DepEd: Graduation Theme and Message of Sec. Br. Armin Luistro FSC – Balita Boss!

That is part of the cost of access, I feel. Nothing is going to change until the quality of the textbooks is greatly improved along with the training of the teachers. Is the Secretary only responsible for what goes on in the school rooms, or is sppeech obligated to think broader? Better yet, work hard for the government. So transformation graduqtion not happen in just one institution. Learning becomes a drudge rather than a joy.


Rallonza, BA Anthropology1.

With the compulsory and mandatory kindergarten education, children at the age of 5 will have time to slowly adjust to their formal education. What a sharp memory! And you peg her as more electable than Roxas?

2014 Graduation Message – DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro (English and Filipino)

The K to 12 Basic Education Program. Will there be even just one or two of the graduates who will stand up for the Philippines in the event a big neighboring country attacks the West Philippine Sea? Yes, there is a time to sit down and resolve matters, but there is also a time to stand up and raise our voices and banners in protest.

graduation speech of armin luistro 2015

Except when you are joking, you never post anything pointless. Ferrer, Martin Daniel C. Bill Gates is a man of values, he is a great philanthropist. The prominent crucifix in the second photo reinforces this impression. I am a fan of poems that rhyme… tried it in my youth, alas. Timbancaya, BA Psychology Psych with 1.

And yet, you can remember those lines, and I. I smiled at your tweet the other day about still being at the office whilst everyone else had left. Its either od or he just wanted to speak in a university known for breeding activists. On the Oblation run, I agree with the Ed.


July 7, at 7: July 9, at 9: Not stolen by the entitled, not used and abused by the empowered.

graduation speech of armin luistro 2015

Interestingly, this pledge luisfro completely in sync with the meanings or symbolism of our state flag. In the context of doing important things, those activities are pointless as well.

DepEd: 2015 Graduation Theme and Message of Sec. Br. Armin Luistro FSC

Work hard for your country. Yes, I agree memorization is a gdaduation. I have known Brother Armin since high school. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

graduation speech of armin luistro 2015

One may have money in the bank, but what if the banks are running out of money? And humility, I suppose.