You are advised to familiarize yourself with the contents of the Ordinance as ignorance is not an acceptable defence in a case of failure to comply with the law. Applicants are required to highlight their relevant experience, including duties and responsibilities in a particular project, in the applying discipline in the application. Applicants shall, for a period of at least five continuous years immediately prior to application, have been in a position of significant responsibility in the engineering field. A member of the Institution in discharging his responsibilities to his employer and the. Payment by cheque will be deemed to be effected only when payment is made by the bank upon presentation. If these applicants wish to apply for Membership in the other jurisdiction first, their submission under this Agreement within 12 months after successful granting of Membership by the other jurisdiction may be subject to a review which would consist of any or all of the following:. ERB intends to use R.

Attend an interview based upon submission of a training and experience report for the purposes of matching the applicant to an engineering discipline as stated in A iii c. In order to be eligible for registration, you must hold a qualification acceptable for registration and with one-year relevant post-qualification professional experience in Hong Kong. Submission of record of continuing professional development. Ir Dr Chan’s bilingual ability reflects that, and it is his intention to address this issue – as well as that of introducing a design element to engineers’ training. Following approval a new registration certificate showing the additional discipline with the current registered discipline s will be issued and the new certificate will be valid for one year from the date of registration of the additional discipline.

A work philosophy He believes that the firm’s ownership structure as well as an ethos that gives its wrkting the freedom to develop are crucial to its success.

If you are able to comply with the requirements, please complete and submit the application form together with the appropriate fee. Normally, no renewal notices will be sent to R. The hardest part may be choosing which auto tour, trail, hkje, overlook, or historic area to explore!

Applicants for Registered Professional Engineer shall identify a Discipline in which they consider it would be relevant for them to be registered.


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Applicants who are not members of the HKIE. The fee to be paid is to be determined at the date of application, i.

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Corporate members of the. Payment of application fee or renewal fee does not mean the Engineers Registration Board has approved or will approve your application or the application process has been completed. Membership of sesay engineering body which is accepted by the Board as being of a standard not less than that of a Member of the HKIE within a discipline may also be acceptable, provided that all the sssay stipulated thereon are also met.

Under the Ordinance the registration of engineers is undertaken by the Engineers Registration Board. Applicants for registration who had obtained their professional qualification of the above institutions with the exception of the Institution of Civil Engineers by mature route are not considered as having acceptable qualification for registration. Things to hkie essay writing see and do in the park: Chow Man Kit, Eric Prof. As a “socially useful” project that incorporates environmentally-friendly elements long before ‘green’ becomes a trendy buzzword, however, it does epitomise the Arup philosophy that has become part of Ir Dr Chan’s DNA.

Personal data in these notes shall be referred to as “Data”.

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To help you to check if you are eligible for registration, please consider the following:. The following guidelines are used for those who have returned to Hong Kong after a period of residence outside Hong Kong: A member of the Institution shall not maliciously or recklessly injure nor attempt to injure.

The Council, in clause 3 of Article 12 of the Constitution, is required to make specific rules. If these applicants wish to apply for Professional Membership in other jurisdiction first, they must possess relevant working experience in that jurisdiction of not less than 6 months at the time of submitting their applications in order to be eligible to make submissions under this Agreement.

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Qualifications acceptable for registration by the ERB include Professional Membership of the following:. These rules, given below, set the standard for the conduct of all Institution members.


The ERB has the discretion to determine the extent and scope of the review. The seminar aims esswy provide an opportunity for young engineers to understand the views from assessors or interviewers and the passing criterion of the professional assessment which is a critical task of obtaining professional qualification specifically in Information discipline.

Notes to Applicants

If the registration has expired for more than three months, a fresh application for registration will have to be submitted. A Council meeting Special will be held in April for the purpose. Seizing the moment Ir Dr Chan rejoined Arup in Hong Kong in and still remembered how, negotiating his first project as a young man, being asked by the year old director of the client company for his boss. Provide a continuing professional development record for the purpose of application; and.

Notes to Applicants

All applications made on or after 7 October shall be subject to the following terms and conditions. In line with our aim to build in modern elements that will render the Journal more appealing to readers, this QR code bookmarks the online version of Hong Kong Engineer http: All applications made on or after 26 September shall be subject to the following terms and conditions.

This period of experience can be achieved through the period of post graduation experience required in b. Information on relevant experience in the Structural Discipline in Hong Kong for registration as a R.

Acceptance to a discipline shall, however, be assessed by the ERB. To better allow the audiences to experience the real path to get the membership, the organizer has also invited a candidate who has just obtained the corporate membership of HKIE in Information Discipline to share his personal experience in preparing the experience report and in personal assessment.