Among the respondent most of them owned Hero Honda bikes followed by Bajaj it is usually the situation when asked why then the reply was that they trust the Hero Honda Products. Nevertheless, this phenomenon proved short-lived and the two-wheeler sales declined marginally in FY We held road shows covering high traffic areas, markets and malls. Their new strategy is to expand and get more distributors so that their sales volumes are high so for that a proper distribution is required. It is the only automotive manufacturer in India to get the prestigious Deming Prize which is an award for excellence. It came up with the super bike variant like Yamaha R1 and FZ series and the company claimed to be the first to bring in the same technology as the super bikes. Conflict-of-interest editing on Wikipedia.

This major step was taken because demand for two-wheeler is expected to be 9 million units by and from the trend which has been researched it has been seen that more than half the consumers who purchase motorcycles use the local bank or non bank retail financial house to buy motorcycles which is why there is a growth in this sector. It came up with the super bike variant like Yamaha R1 and FZ series and the company claimed to be the first to bring in the same technology as the super bikes. In May , S. Skip to main content. It could adapt to different strategies depending on what strategies would suit the path they have in mind. During the month of January there is a slight recovery which is again followed by a weak performance in the month of February. With all this in mind we have to see that it has done well but not to the mark of the other competitor bikes in this segment.


It has one of the best pick up in its class. Retrieved 13 May Their first concept showroom in MGF Metropolitan Mall, Saket New Delhi gives a totally new look the company is focusing on merchandising it is not just about giving a feel of the bikes but also providing the customers the feel of what Yamaha has in offer for them if they purchase a bike.

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It a clear cut information that people were pretty aware of the products launched by Yamaha Motor India so they had come to check the bikes and get more information about the bike about its speed, mileage and performance.

The Court noted that “the sole purpose of the article was to synppsis gullible students. Some of the facts about the competitors are: FZ-S overflows with dynamism and originality.

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They have also moved into promoting merchandising of accessories which would be given if the customer purchased the products bikes in the showroom. It has been in the global market for many years and has been able to obtain growth on a continuous basis.

Sample dissertation research problem and objectives FC. It also plans to launch gearless scooters in the Indian market. This were mainly people who had been working for a few years and so they were looking to purchase these bikes, they showed the highest level of interest when it came to knowing more about the bike when observed.

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iipm thesis synopsis

Retrieved 2 May It is still going ahead with plans to spend Rs crores on advertising and brand building in At an average the company sold about 15, to 20, units per month after its launch. Arindam Chaudhuri Honorary Dean.


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Then the new Apache RTR was launched but it failed to create an impact on the market but it still did better than the old Apache. What is your brand positioning strategy? Some of the strategies adopted were: Press Information Bureau, Government of India.

There were a total of 25 respondents who were surveyed during the course of the data collection.

Yamaha has achieved a good sales volume every thrsis in but it could have been a better figure in the sales graph 8.

Retrieved 21 March At the present scenario there are no plans of Yamaha launching any new products.

It is way behind in terms of service when compared to a Bajaj or Hero Honda. Synopsis Observation form of Thesis. It is performed at the structural, financial and marketing synopsix.

iipm thesis synopsis

The only certificate is a certificate of attendance which is what we provide to participants on all our programs. Synopsis format How to write a dissertation synopsis.

Palanimanickam said, “IIPM has not paid income tax during the assessment years —06 and —07, fhesis exemption under section 10 23C vi of the Income-tax Act, The company has thewis been doing too well because of recession and companies trying to cut cost.

But the good part was that they were pretty motivated to purchase a two-wheeler in the next few months ahead.