Did it try to make the good shit and stumble by mistake into cheap shit? The reality in media right now is that there is an enormous amount of noise. New busnss model would be better. Is it a new design tool? That is offensive to me.

Login to Comment You’ll need to log in before you can leave a comment. They live in urban areas. The list goes on and on. Even two years ago when The Outline launched, this seemed a little remarkable, a little mockable: So over time, we built up scale in digital to replace user value.

Media companies are increasingly run like tech startups, with big valuations and multi-million dollar funding rounds. Sony Music moves into the podcast business, setting the stage for other music companies Plus: Exploring the art and craft of story.

Someday the people in China may be able to push back against a government structure and businesses that oppress them in innumerable ways, but until that happens the money is just going to keep rolling in. When they shut down, people mourn them. Nearly two years later, The Outline is half the size it was at launch.

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joshua topolsky essay

But more important than revenue or numbers, the editorial work I had a chance to be a part of was some of the strongest and most interesting stuff anyone anywhere has been doing. We made something unbelievable at The Verge from scratch, and built Vox into a new kind of beast in media — but there was still so esay more that could be done. They eat farm-to-table food.


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Everything looks the same, reads the same, and seems to be competing for the same eyeballs. I never wrote a goodbye letter when I left Vox and The Joshhua.

Instead, with The Outline, Mr. I started to feel a desire to go even further, beyond the shores of business-focused coverage this is Bloomberg after all tipolsky, into the broader, weirder, and nerdier side of my interests — something I knew might not be a perfect fit for that audience. This should be good; or, at the very least, worth keeping an eye on. And it was less valuable.

joshua topolsky essay

Join the 50, who get the freshest future-of-journalism news in our daily email. Some freelancers who had pieces accepted by and in the editing process with The Outline pulled them.

joshua topolsky essay

Although The Outline has a websiteit is clearly designed to be mobile-first, and it uses a Snapchat or Tinder-like swipe metaphor as a way of navigating through the stories and items within the app.

Great article, all of this is so true after having worked at Conde Nast. The idea was to promote bluetooth headphones, the design a compromise to serve a future that arrived with the AirPods.

Cadillac, Method, and Under Armour Sportswear ua have signed on as key sponsors, and the plan is to limit the total to maybe a dozen per year, Topolsky told the Journal. Not much ever came of that initiative, however.


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It was signed by unnamed Study Hall members. By Laura Hazard Owen laurahazardowen Oct. Many of us have contributed to the site, which has a unique voice and, unlike many publications, pays both decently and promptly, rarities in this industry. Is this a new prototyping tool? Only safe place joshuw be in media today. Did it try to make the good shit and stumble by mistake into cheap shit?

The Outline Has a Flashy New Design, But a Traditional Business Model | Fortune

Earlier this year, both Klein and Bell admitted that many of their hopes for the card-stack model—which they initially saw as a core feature of what Vox had to offer—had not come to pass. This is a really shitty industry for writers. I love essaj at tough problems and figuring out a way to make them work.

I love building new things. We accomplished ridiculous things in a tiny period of time. Yesterday, Joshua Topolsky took the wraps off his new venture, the josnua for which was outlined in an April 25 essay that Topolsky published on Medium:.

I love making something beautiful and useful and smart and engaging.