Paste the five Sense organs. Visit a zoo these summers and list out the names of animals and birds you see there and paste their pictures also. You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. Paste any 5 pictures of heavy objects and paste any 5 pictures of lighter objects in comparison of heavy objects. Given in your book Page no. Cyclones,tornado, thunder storm 5. Find out its name in different languages of our country.

Write 10 pages of handwriting. Write five lines about: Visit to any place and collect the photographs and prepare a collage out of them. Learn and write Numerals From 1 to Cut and paste headlines news for 10 days.

Collect labels of bottles of pickles ,jams ,squashes etc. Learn and write Number names From 1 to Make a PPT on any one of the following: Collect the leaves, paste them and write the name of the tree in your notebook.

kv gurgaon holiday homework

Drink a lot of water and eat all the watery fruits and salads to be prevented from the warmth of the Hard Summer.

Paste in your file.


Write the chemical formulae of the following: Write five lines about: As well as students have homweork be careful about their health. Revise from Ch — 1 to Ch — 3 for FA — 1 exam. Prepare a report on elephants.

Summer break Holiday’s homework 2016

Write one page daily for improving your handwriting. Human endocrine system 5.

Plant cell and animal cell 3. Also collect and paste the pictures in your file.

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Revise the syllabus for FA Write the name of Landmark which comes in the way of your school to home. Do practice of questions of ascending order and descending order. Collect various samples of wool and silk. Paste any five fruits and vegetables you like to eat. Visit a zoo these summers and list out the names of animals and birds you see there and paste their pictures also.

Learn all the lesson you taught in the class. Learn and write Numerals From 1 to Observe the growth of baby plant and record your observations daily in your file.

kv gurgaon holiday homework

Adaptations of plants and animals living in deserts ,mountains and water. OR Describe the place you visit in summer holidays. Upload document Create flashcards.


They may enhance their interest and knowledge.

Make a collage on different craft persons that you know and their crafts. Karnaugh Maps in Word. Write a paragraph on — How you spent your summer holidays? Add this document to saved. Paste different postal stamps on graph paper and find their AREA. Make a list of plants growing in water. Interview your mother or another member of your family to find out homesork their life.

Learn a poem based on Numbers.

kv gurgaon holiday homework

Draw different figures by using matchsticks i Triangle ii Square iii Rectangle iv Pentagon v Hexagon Make a bird or an animal by using different mathematical shapes.