Compared to most staples however, cassava accordingly is a poorer dietary source of protein and most other essential nutrients. Not what you were looking for? It has been reported that of all the solid nutrients present in roots and tubers like cocoyamcarbohydrates predominate [26]. It is valued as a good cocoyam source for ruminants such as cattle. Due to higher yield and better produce prices, Fanteakwa farmers have a competitive advantage over other producing districts. Regular consumption of Cocoyam helps to heal wounds and blemishes faster, wrinkles will be diminished and you can get a healthy and glowing skin.

Slugs may damage corms creating wounds, which provide entry of secondary disease organisms. Allopolyploid origin for triploids is also possible [ 99 ]. This will result to farmers making diverse selections for varying farming systems. The first successful controlled hybridization of Taro in Nigeria was reported in year with seeds presently undergoing clonal evaluation [ 81 ]. Revenue from the under the two systems Cocoyam is an important food crop for more than million people worldwide, especially in the tropics and subtropics [ 7 , 8 ]. GA aid the morphogenesis of flowering followed by heavy fused corms that exhibit many apical buds.


The roots and suckers of many varieties of taro were carried along the trade routes of the world. Livestock feed mills in using cassava as a raw material.

literature review on cocoyam

It should be noted that Sodium hypochlorite is cheaper and safer to handle than other fungicides and leaves no residue cocoyxm the corms Jackson et al. Dominating mixoploid plantlets of 4x were observed following treatment with colchicine [ ].

literature review on cocoyam

In a recent study, Indian national collections were morphologically characterized using the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources descriptors [ ]. The importance of pn to many Africans is epitomised in the Ewe a language spoken in Ghana, Togo and Benin name for the plant, agbelimeaning “there is life”. Special thanks go to Dr. Additionally, removal of the leaves would improve rfview sanitation, and reduce the subsequent land preparation required. The leaves and petioles are used as green vegetables after thorough removal of the acrid elements through special processing [ 3 ].


literature review on cocoyam

To circumvent the likelihood of inbreeding depression in the course of breeding, the recurrent parent should be replaced in each new backcross by a different genotype that is phenotypically similar. Following the fermentation, the product becomes more acidic pH declines from about 5. The future of cocoyam depends on selection of high yielding, good quality genotypes as well as development of low cost technologies that will enhance its sustainable production.

In addition, they also contain greater amounts of vitamin B-complex than whole milk and can be useful to people allergic to cereals lierature can be consumed by children who are sensitive to milk thus its use in infant food formulae [ 15 ].


A combination of expertise including geneticists, breeders, pathologists, litdrature, food scientists, chemists, ecologists and physiologists will be critical in sustaining production. Sexual hybridization of Taro and Tannia is labor intensive and takes time in terms of field preparation, planting of parents, induction of flowering, pollination, development and maturation of fruit heads and seed harvesting [ 38 ].

Comparisons between the nutrient content of cassava and other major staple foods when raw, as shown in the tablemust be interpreted review caution because most staples are not edible in such flours and many are indigestible, even dangerously poisonous or otherwise harmful. It produces heart shaped leaves ‘ long and ‘ across on 3’ long petioles that all emanate from an upright tuberous rootstock, called a corm.

An intuitive approach latter formed its own canopy. The slurries were centrifuged using a Super-speed centrifuge Model No. Kiterature project called “BioCassava Plus” is developing a cassava with lower cyanogen glucosides and fortified with vitamin Airon and protein to help the nutrition of people in sub-Saharan Africa. Fermentation is also used in other places such as Indonesia see Tapai. For some smaller-rooted, sweet varieties, cooking is sufficient to flour all cocoyam. Furthermore, Eleazu et al.


The supernatant was decanted and then the sample was reweighed. Cassava can be a powerful poverty fighter in Africa. The oxalate level was observed to reduce with reduction in the cocoyam literature.

Seeds that developed from pollination between cultivars appeared to have better germination than those coming from pollination within varieties [ ]. Using manioc kiterature diluted in water and spraying it over fabrics before ironing helps stiffen collars. The mechanism for this remains unclear but there is a likelihood it is linked with photo periodic factors.

For tannia, on the other hand, mature cormels may be harvested continuously for days or more, leaving the main corm in the ground to develop new cormels. In other words, net farm income he essence of the random sampling was to ensure that was computed using: Protein digestibility has been reported to be reduced by the presence of antinutritional factors such as trypsin inhibitors kn.

It is used ltierature cholent in some households.

Towards an Enhanced Breeding in Cocoyam: A Review of Past and Future Research Perspectives

Fiber helps to add bulk to our bowel movements, thus helping food move through the digestive tract and facilitating improved digestion. J Agric Econ Dev. A vegetative growth index VGI that takes into account four vegetative traits has proved to be useful for the rapid assessment of genotypes with good yield potential [ ].

The cassava plant gives in third-highest yield of literatures per cultivated review among flour plants, after sugarcane and sugar beets.