The review thinks that it review like moderate banks. Other researches such as Aliyu and Muhammad and Alsmady and Abdurrahman shows that the major contributions towards economic growth of both developed and developing economies in terms of employment generations and capital formation comes from small scale businesses. Regarding the future prospect of AITAB, the authors classified it to be bright and promising and also established four factors which will stimulate such an occurrence: Computed An IFI purchases the asset required by its client. I would especially like to express my deepest thanks to my father, Founder and presently, Secretary of Al Barakah Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Limited for his precious advice, constructive criticisms and the research materials he provided. Research paper on ijarah financing and customer satisfaction.

The impact of these factors upon demand for Ijarah is also worth investigating. Ahmad and Haron also found that in the patronage of IB products and services, Malaysian corporate clients considered both religion and economics. It also assures respondents of strict confidentiality and that all data gathered will be used exclusively for academic purposes. In case the leased asset has gone through total loss and no repair is possible, the lease shall terminate on the day of the loss. Insurance company will pay the Bank. International Journal of Islamic Financial Services, 3 4.

literature review on ijarah

It also provides employment opportunities to the thousands of youths who would have otherwise remain unemployed and therefore, helps in reducing the social tension of the city. O yres Too complex documentation. Critical Evaluation on Al-Ijarah Thummalbai’.

The IBF sector in Mauritius might also be appealing to foreign investors as a gateway to tap into new, emerging markets — as evidenced by the presence of CBC — to the advantage of Mauritians.


literature review on ijarah

As a gift contingent upon payment of remaining installments. An Investigation across Diverse Demographic Segments.

Literature review on ijarah

Consequently, Muslim adjudicators in the past did not proliferate any thought which would help sectionism. It has also been ensured during the survey that only people who hold a bank account fill in the questionnaire.

Hence, there is a pressing need to explore the ijarha demand for Ijarah as well as factors impacting upon its demand for its successful implementation in Islamic banks or Islamic windows in Mauritius. How hs would you rank the following factors while selecting Ijarah on a scale of 1 to P r 5: Chapter 3, will explore the issue and challenges which elaborate the issue in Shariah compliant contract and the challenges in rectifying current practice. Mughal, Table 2.

The bank owns the asset and subsequently, leases it to the client for a pre-determined period and subject to pre- stipulated conditions agreed on by both parties. Would you encourage eeview institution to introduce the Ijarah product? Approximate Gross Monthly Household Income: As a result, the sample which was initially split equally between Muslims and non- Muslims became one predominant with Muslim respondents.

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Bank Selection Decisions and Market Segmentation. World Islamic Banking Competitiveness Report This supports Haron et al. It is literaturr to note that Tricycles operation in Kano metropolis provides job opportunities to more than twenty eight thousand youths on daily basis and average daily earnings per tricycle operator ranges from one thousand five hundred to two thousand naira KATA, It is not allowed to execute the Ijarah contract containing a sales contract effective on a future date as a means of transferring ownership of the leased property.


I hope that the Public Forum will reach a larger mass and help to create more awareness around Islamic finance as an alternative way of doing banking in our society. Ijarah is the first fully endorsed Shari’ah-compliant Leasing Option in Mauritius.

Literature review on ijarah

Pricing Components same for both: Differences between Conventional Leasing and Ijarah Continued Conventional Leasing Ijarah Penalty for late A fine is charged if a late A fine literaturd charged but it goes to payment payment is made. Out of issued questionnaires, which were returned were usable completedyielding a response rate of For the Sales Manager, religion is the driving factor for clients opting for Revieww.

Rest assured that all information provided will be treated with strict confidentiality and for academic purposes only. In contrast, most non-Muslims are unsure of using or not using IFPs as a large majority How has been the growth of demand for Ijarah in the past few ijarwh in contrast to leasing?

Erol, Cengiz, and Radi El-Bdour.

Literature review on ijarah –

The study found myriad of problems associated with conventional mode financing arrangements prior to ijarah-wa-iqtina. Insurance costs and Road Tax: It was also established that religious inclinations of respondents have strong influence on potential benefits from switching to ijarah-wa-iqtina. Thunderbird International Business Review, 49 2— As observed by Abdullah and Dusuki,Ijarah-wa-iqtina is a modern innovation in Islamic finance.

My heart-felt gratitude to my mother, who was of a constant support and made things easy on me.