During the ceremony the following awards were presented:. The German academic system also knows a form of higher doctorate in law which is awarded after completion of a second dissertation Habilitation and is a prerequisite to teach law at German universities. Notable holders of the LL. Your help is greatly appreciated! The thesis focused on the potential effect of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the anti- money laundering regulatory framework. Study at the University of Malta, Malta’ s national university.

Embargoes beyond twenty-four 24 months will be reviewed by Library Committee on a case by case basis. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. His exact words were that admissions look at the final classification that appears on the transcript and since it is not a first upper then this will not be considered. D degree awarded to – Mr Andrew Saliba. This Department also includes foreign dissertations of Maltese interest. A legal procurator is a lawyer in Malta that has rights of audience in the lower courts, a profession that was existent in Malta as early, and even prior to Doctoral degrees Law degrees.

Notable holders of the LL.

lld thesis guidelines malta

The Doctors had their own Innwhich was called Doctors’ Commons. The terminal academic law degree is the Scientiae Juridicae Doctor S. Wonder if you’ll see this since I’m repling a few years down the line Law Course ; Course Requirements.


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Patrons may search by typing mqlta the keywords and refining the result list by date, topic, creator authorthesis or dissertation degree and subject. The protection of intellectual property rights associated with the publication of content e. The letter must be signed by the requester studentthe dean, head of department and dissertation supervisor.

Francis Farrugia upon Ms Rachael Aquilina. In former years, Doctors of Law were a distinct form of Attorney-at-Law who were empowered to act as advocates in the ecclesiastical, probate and admiralty courts. I’m sorry if this seems confusing. University of malta faculty of malat ll. Professor Mamo addressed the audience.

Surely this fact won’t be discounted?

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It is not possible for thseis Maltese lawyer to hold a warrant in more than one of the professions at a time. Even though my e-mail address is typed correctly, the system is not recognizing it as a valid one. University of Quebec at Montreal. Posted Sep 05, Copyright Copyright of dissertations rests with the author.

Lawrence Gonzi former Prime Minister of Malta.

Professor Raymond Mangion delivered an oration on the contribution guidelnes made by Professor John Mamo. A second question is: The High Court of Chivalry: Inthe UM Library initiated the E-dissertations pilot project.


The completion of the habilitation is indicated by adding “habil. Winner for the Best Student in the LL. The discussion page may contain suggestions.

lld thesis guidelines malta

Patrons may type in the keywords and then refine tgesis result list by date, topic, creator authorthesis or dissertation degree and subjects. I am asking this as it is only my classification that appears on my graduation transcript. Codes for Digitisation Dissertations German universities award the doctoral degree in law as a “Doctor of Law” Dr.

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Theses name thesis title borg andre permanent disability and the recent developments in the law of tort Thesis – University of. In the United KingdomAustraliaNew Zealandand Europethe degree is a higher doctorate usually awarded on the basis of exceptionally insightful and distinctive publications that contain significant and original contributions to the mlta of law.

The Bachelor of Laws LL. The last surviving member of Doctors’ Commons, Dr Thomas Tristram, wrote the first editions of a textbook on trusts still in use today.

lld thesis guidelines malta

Honorary degree Ad eundem degree. Winner of the Best LL.