In addition, topics such as Comparative Advertising and a general introduction to the Advertising Standards Authority Code will be included, as these topics include elements which are relevant to Intellectual Property. Never far from view are the mine dumps, the result of gold mining activity in the mineral rich Witwatersrand range of hills. Nov 15, ’15 The special permission of Senate is also required to register in the same academic year for more than one degree or diploma in the same faculty. Only if you 2.

Wits challenges you Distinctly Wits to create new knowledge boundaries and 90 Rhodes Scholars have originated from to develop original thinking which is the Wits. A completed application form and the translator. To apply, please submit the following documents: The School of Public Health co-chairs the Consortium for Advanced Research 21st Century Institutes Training in Africa CARTA initiative which Wits is developing six prestigious aims to develop and deliver an innovative multidisciplinary research institutes, which model for doctoral training in sub-Saharan will seek to produce highly specialised forms Africa and to strengthen the capacity of knowledge to tackle the challenges of of participating institutions to conduct the 21st Century, the first of which are the and lead internationally-competitive Global Change and Sustainability Research research. There are 14 mu- Theatre is a flexible theatre with some seums on campus. All bursaries should be held as primary funding towards the degree. Help Center Find new research papers in:

The programmes last for one year full time and two years part time. Displays include the Taung skull, irreplaceable Historical Papers: Twelve month leases available. A number of international legal instruments, policy documents, pieces of legislation, and judgments of the courts will be prescribed.

The final module provides a comparative and critical analysis of laws governing the health biotechnology industry, including international law, treaties and regulatory structures implemented locally and internationally. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Higher degree encouraged to push the boundaries of qualifications at Wits result from more mature knowledge by tackling fundamental research teaching and learning requirements as well questions, producing publications of the as a deeper and more academic focus.


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Thus, students will explore and understand the procedural and substantive human rights law of the UN and its associated organisations selected regional mechanisms might be introduced briefly, but a separate course specifically addresses the regional protection of human rights. The deposit slip must be retained and must be given wkts the Central Accommodation Office. Most of the material which students require is available online, usually from a link from the course website. Please do not send applications to this email.

The course will continue with an overview of the governance and regulation of municipal urban services water, energy, sanitation, refuse and waste management, housing, transport, and financing and sustainable pricingand conclude by examining l,m governance coursewlrk regulation of informal settlements. Graduates Support workshops and support in a number of areas see page Topics for the course are likely to include: The course thus includes an advanced study of certain subjects traditionally included under the broad title of Intellectual Property, such as Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright and Design.

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Jan 17, ’18 Only if you 2. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Successful applicants may be renewed for a second year. Waste Act 59 of ; the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of from an environmental perspective ; and the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act 3 of from an environmental perspective.

Late applications will not be accepted. Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, the University of the Witwatersrand, more klm referred to as Wits University, is a world-class research institution. The course also covers issues not dealt with by the Act, including civil jurisdiction and choice of law, liability for online delicts and risk management, and e-contracts. The third topic concerns the role of the law in the regulation of health biotechnology including intellectual property law, health and safety law, human rights law and products liability.


llm coursework wits

Traditional trade and investment theories; Rationalist contract theory and limitations; Transaction cost theory. Apr 02, ’07 Special requirements Students electing this course must be familiar with the Internet and capable of conducting research on the World Wide Web. The linkages between trade, growth and development as well as the various economic debates relating to globalisation will be discussed.

An A rated scientist in the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Aeronautical Issues that pertain to townships, informal Engineering was awarded an Honorary settlements, metropolitan systems and Fellowship of the Royal Aeronautical Society provincial policies are at the heart of a in London. Seminars will include topics such as the core features of Company Law; governance of companies; piercing of the corporate veil; the capacity of a company and the Turquand Rule; and the concept of capital maintenance.

Programs at Wits – Schreiner Full-Time 1.

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Feb 15, ’11 The course promises to be very interesting to those who practise in this area as well as those for whom information technology law is incidental. Click here to sign up. Refer to the table for the applicable IRF. Initiatives fo- ploration of the southern half of the continent cused on the new generation of research- of Africa. This course seeks to voursework certain selected topics relating to the law of contract at an advanced level.