Challenge conventional wisdom and everything you learn – especially if taking politics or international relations. What is it like to attend the LSE as a graduate student? What is it like to study at the London School of Economics. Repeatedly reprinting and editing draft thesis chapters has two very helpful functions. Further information on funding for prospective UK, EU and international postgraduate students. The UK world of academia is based on you teaching yourself and following your own interests – you learn as much if not more from the reading between lectures than in them or in class. Competition, Innovation and Trade Law 7 years following Another on

Applicants with a very good degree in another discipline together with very good grades in an appropriate graduate diploma in law such as the UK’s Graduate Diploma in Law may also qualify for a place. Master of Laws following llmeersss following LL. This non-law course may be relevant to your field of specialism if any , for example international lawyers may, with approval, take a course in international relations, though it will not contribute to gaining an LLM specialism. Since I am the elder statesman of this group submitting answers, I will be brief. I am very happy I had the chance to do this degree, and really grateful that I had a scholarship for it – I don’t think I would have been happy if I had paid the 7,GBP fee at the time. You can expect a challenging, but also thought-provoking and ultimately rewarding experience.

When staying in London for your intensive week you will be situated in the heart of cultural London – in the middle of the West End, a five minute walk to Covent Garden, a ten minute walk to the Royal Festival Hall. Dixsertation format of contact hours will vary from course to course but usually takes the form of sessions such as lectures, classes, seminars or workshops.


What I found constructive was paying attention to the work of novelists I enjoy reading.

University of London

I loved my time at LSE. London is expensive, but worth it. Our teaching combines views and experiences from different disciplinary traditions as well as from dissertatikn jurisdictions which ensures that what you learn at LSE is relevant to legal study and practice in any jurisdiction.

lse llm dissertation deadline 2014

Formative coursework is designed to help prepare you for summative assessment which counts towards the course mark and to the degree award. Applicants with a very good degree in another discipline together with very good grades in an appropriate graduate diploma in law such as the UK’s Graduate Diploma in Law may also qualify for a place.


Many PhD dissertztion are now in the final throes of writing their thesis. LSE dissettation truly a multinational institution with countries from many parts of Europe and the rest of the world represented in both the student body and our faculty. By Concentration General LL. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price.

Contact hours and independent study In half unit courses, on average, you can expect contact hours in total.

Finishing your PhD thesis: 15 top tips from those in the know

Each day in the class is different; apart from the seminar approach, live practitioners from different areas give you first hand information and practical experience of the field.

Research in the school is facilitated by: Selection for any funding opportunity is based on receipt of an application for a place — including all ancillary documents, before the funding deadline.

This proximity is also a key component of LSE’s intellectual life and energy which draws on the views and experiences of judges, practitioners and regulators for conferences, lectures and seminars.

Each application is considered on an individual basis.


A case study of Nairobi. Lots of egos, writing lots of checks very big intellects can cash. A wide variety of subject areas are covered in the Law School.

LLM, Master of Laws

English Language requirements You need to demonstrate a good level of English to be admitted to our programmes. Formal study is supported by several series of evening ‘LLM Specialist Seminars’ in which leading practitioners, judges and scholars in various legal fields discuss matters of current controversy or special complexity with students in informal small group sessions.


lse llm dissertation deadline 2014

You pay as you progress rather than in a single payment. Tuition based on the current cost for eight program modules. Request dissertation prospectus Name.

Lois Bibbings Professor of Law, Gender and HistoryProfessorCriminal law; gender and law; gender studies; historical studies; human rights; literary studies; medical law; social policy. From the theatre to the opera, from bars to restaurants, from classical to any type of contemporary music, London really does have it all. On the contrary, actively draw attention to them; identify them in your conclusion as areas for further investigation.

Exploring party-society linkages in Zambia and Ghana. What do I need for graduate entry? January and April start dates are possible but the start cissertation and application deadline must be discussed with the postgraduate office. For this degree, you will also need Adobe Flash Player to view video material and a media player such as VLC to play video files.

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