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Similar topics of scientific paper in Educational sciences , author of scholarly article — R. Tutors delivered, in total, hours of student contact time in bedside clinical teaching within government hospitals, observed by OxPal’s evaluation team to ascertain the students’ areas of relative strength and weakness and to record feedback; 2. Beyond clinical skills, students also cited interest in developing a better understanding of research methods through critical analysis of published literature and even through conducting their own primary research. As it continues to grow, OxPal aims to determine need on an ongoing basis and thereby evolve to become increasingly impactful and relevant to local deficits in clinical education. With basic programming skills, clinical researchers can independently use available open source software that can support mobile assessment research e.

The site offers easy access to reliable information, online epilepsy communities chat roomsadvocacy initiatives, caregiver information, and services.

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A global interprofessional collaboration. Thus far, international medical education initiatives have not utilized modern global communication resources to their full potential, despite the evolution of digital web-based technologies that can facilitate exchange capable of crossing physical and geographical barriers in real time and at low cost.

Zika Virus This US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention page includes information about Zika, including transmission and risks; symptoms, testing, and treatment; prevention; pregnancy; and health effects and risks. If you find that any of the following links are not functional, please contact the MedLink editorial department: Do you have any other feedback or comments? West Bank April A biographical dictionary of medical eponyms and the persons behind them.


Conclusion Our experience has shown that web-based distance-learning has the potential to be used to overcome the geopolitical barriers to medical education in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Strategies for mHealth research: lessons from 3 mobile intervention studies

Updates to this summary include a review of newer imaging techniques that assist with evaluating the extent of associated brain injury and prognosis in patients with traumatic epidural hematoma. In addition to the full text guideline, this guideline also has an associated Clinician Summary. A more recent survey of brain death hospital policies in the United States showed significant noncompliance with the American Academy of Neurology standards, particularly by not excluding hypotension and hypothermia, and in the details of apnea testing and ancillary tests Greer et al A comparison of the standards among the UK, Canada, and Australia has been published Gardiner et al This method of evaluation also provided students with the opportunity to voice additional comments and suggestions for the programme.

Similarly, surveys of American neurologists disclosed an inadequate understanding of brain death Joffe et al IRSA; January ; 11 pages. Students struggled with diagnostic approach e. Brain death must be determined by careful neurologic examination showing apneacranial nerve areflexia, and unresponsiveness that is irreversible and caused by a structural lesion that accounts for the clinical findings.

WMA – World Medical Association The World Medical Association provides ethical guidance to physicians through its Declarations and Statements on a variety of ethical and social issues relevant to physicians world-wide.

Strategies for mHealth research: lessons from 3 mobile intervention studies

The terminology in this area is confusing. We have presented above the results from the first year of a novel internet-based teaching programme, connecting clinical tutors based in Oxford University Hospitals with medical students in the West Bank. When this was first piloted inInternet-based clinical teaching was received enthusiastically, with over users registering on the site over a one-year period and reporting general satisfaction with the regular, live, case-based teaching approach.


With just over half of actively enrolled students completing the online evaluation questionnaire, it is imperative to increase the feedback response rate in the future. The software for pediatric neurologists suggests diagnoses and identifies other findings and lab tests useful in reaching a diagnosis, based on information about diseases collected in a wiki-like fashion from a large peer-reviewed community of experts.

Participants said that tutorials had taught them ‘how to think systematically’ and ‘how to think in the right way to reach the most appropriate diagnosis’.

Overall feedback was very positive.

If you find that any of the following links are not functional, please contact the MedLink editorial department: Additionally, a lack of dedicated teaching hospitals and learning spaces in wards and other clinical settings has stunted the growth of a robust teaching culture in many Palestinian hospitals.

Several students commented that OxPal tutors would occasionally assume cultural differences in approaching various pathologies which were in fact not relevant to their teaching. The practicum script concordance test: In anda multisociety committee published the current standards for brain death determination in infants and children Nakagawa et al ; Nakagawa et al What is your current stage of training?

medlink research paper 2013

Site license users, click the Site License Acces link on the Homepage at an authorized computer. Although most are benign, morbidity can be high, and in some cases the tumor is fatal. Evaluation through online questionnaires, focus groups and semi-structured interviews has shown teaching to be high quality and relevant to students’ experiences in Palestine.