Within the field of a university, the tenets of retention theories reinforce valued forms of capital, and, as I will argue, under value other forms of capital. Lesley, your quest for academic excellence in research and writing has strengthened my spirit to strive for the best. There is further discussion in Chapter 3 of how the 4Rs transfer well to an Indigenous research process. One must be careful that academic practice and institutional politics do not feed on the marginality of Indigenous knowledge Marker, ; Mihesuah, , limiting, for example, the spaces in which IK is seen as valid or permissible. With this space, or Bourdieu’s notion of field, the actors exert their agency using various forms of social, cultural, and intellectual capital. Indigenous knowledge systems are inherently about the interrelationships of the self to others e. The binary of us and them is not helpful in creating a transformative space where both ways of knowing respect and reside with each other Calliou,

Kirkness and Barnhardt also recognized that accessing higher education means gaining access to power. They are with us and are rich with ways of gathering, discovering, and uncovering knowledge. These examples highlight how Indigenous knowledge and frameworks have been implemented and practiced within a comprehensive mainstream research university with aims to increase Aboriginal student participation and retention. It is a complex landscape of colliding interpretations of fundamental goals and purposes across the cultural barricades. Universities, then, have a responsibility to continually “take stock of what they have done, learn from their experiences and aim to do better” Lowe, , p. The fact is no group should give up their cultural distinctiveness, language, or values in the process of gaining full access to higher education and full social and economic participation in society Astin et al.

There are politics within 13 the negotiation of being dissertattion Indigenous person who does research simply because being “Indian” is political Grande,; Menzies, ; Mihesuah, ; Urion, This integration means embodying the values and attitudes of their college environment.

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Finally, explain the reasons you believe Stanford is the right MBA program to help you reach your purpose. As sites of Indigenous knowledges, First Nations Centres played a critical role by wholistically supporting the cultural integrity of Aboriginal students and being agents of change across the institution.


Implications for First Nations education: Mertens describes the ontological position of the transformative-emancipatory paradigm as one that describes the realities of participants within a historical, political, cultural, and economic context. Kuh and Love’s and Huffman’s works provide a cultural lens for understanding Aboriginal student departure.

michelle pidgeon dissertation

The strategic planning to maintain power pidgdon in various acts of “symbolic violence”: Search our collections Search this site: Universities, like schools, exist in “a hierarchical ordering, a market, in prestige and reputation” Apple,p.

I first want to acknowledge and thank the Musqueam peoples for allowing me to study on their traditional and unceded territory on which the University of British Columbia is housed. This chapter also 15 presents how Aboriginal student services, as a site of Indigenous knowledge, both help and hinder the institutions’ roles and responsibilities for Aboriginal success. Indigenous Research Paradigm Indigenous peoples have been reclaiming research and redefining the relationship between research and themselves.

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His notions of capital, symbolic violence, and agency inform the analysis of power by clearly articulating the power dynamics within education. Another access gatekeeper might be costly and convoluted application procedures that discourage Aboriginal students from applying. Universities have their own forms of institutional habitus and capital that are reinforced michslle the physical structures, academic discourse, pedagogy, and discipline hierarchy.

Researching with Aboriginal peoples: Critical Responses and Policy Perspectives Metcalfe et al. The SATP is a tool that is part of the AAP-SWC and aims to support the awareness of Indigenous peoples, issues, and the competencies needed to build capacities within Indigenous communities for self-determination and self-governance.

Pigdeon, the focus on hindrances to participation of these groups e.

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Another limitation of this study is the transferability of the findings to other provinces in Canada due to this research being conducted in British Columbia. They position their responsibility to post- secondary education as a social obligation rather than a legal one Stonechild, It also alludes michelld the larger issue of the hierarchy of the mainstream educational system Andres, Archibald michelke Indigenous epistemology as a 18 wholistic, cyclical relationship that has relational action entailing generation and regeneration.


Indigenous knowledges are seen as an educational remedy that will empower Aboriginal students if applications of their Indigenous knowledges, heritages, and michel,e are integrated into the Canadian educational system Battiste, At the same time, graduates acquired credentials and knowledge that enabled them to develop careers beyond the local setting” J.

EAs are designed to enhance the educational achievement of Aboriginal students.

michelle pidgeon dissertation

The binary of us and them is not helpful in creating a transformative space where both ways of knowing respect and reside with each other Calliou, Huffman’s cultural masks can be further extended to the universities themselves. Another movement toward, inclusion was the development of Aboriginal support positions, which were designed to help students with their academic transition to university Pidgeon, I do believe that sharing my history with participants created a space where I was accepted as a person who was doing research following the 4Rs.

Counter-hegemonic movements are seen as having no place in the social reproduction of the dominant discourse. Epistemologically, the 66 interaction between the researcher and the participants is essential to dissertaation that the points- of-view of all groups are represented dissertxtion Mertens, However, these spaces that Indigenous knowledge opens up are minimal and, some would argue, marginalized within the university Battiste, b.

Elders-in-residence programs also meet more than just the spiritual needs of students. As a result they are “writing-back” and “teaching-back” to established research and teaching practices; these actions create venues of change within theory, research, and practice Battiste et micbelle.