MMU guidance on Specifying. Space does not permit a detailed analysis of each type here, but help is certainly available from the Centre for Learning and Teaching with the implementation of any of these examples which may be unfamiliar to you. Some departments do not give any work back to students at all, while others give everything back and keep copies as needed for internal and external moderation of marks. Your email address will not be published. If no authorised extensions have been given then this could possibly be done within a few days of submission, if you have had time to look at a sample of submitted assignments and prepare an overview.

Let them know to what degree they have managed to achieve the unit learning outcomes, and make some suggestions on what they should concentrate on in future assignments. There have been surprisingly few studies of this perhaps it’s just all too depressing to think about? Marking and production of feedback: Commenting on a series of research studies on feedback, Chris Rust has observed that: I have students demanding ‘second marking’ – what should I do about this? If you are wondering whether this is really a problem, take a look in the coursework receipting office and see how many assignments languish uncollected…. If the student is not satisfied with this discussion, then he or she may need to be directed to the student complaints procedure.

Initially envisaged as an intranet-style, standalone password protected personalised website, a web-service extension was soon developed to enable the personalised assessment information to be presented in the Moodle VLE, the SharePoint Portal and the CampusM mobile App.

In the Throes of Change

The lifecycle model offers a ready means of cuorsework business processes and potential supporting technologies against academic processes and has cokrsework used as the basis for the Jisc EMA research of which this case study forms a part.

If you have more than one assignment in a unit, then you could offer marks in the second assignment for showing evidence of having acted on feedback from the first assignment – see Try allocating marks for acting on previous feedback in the Try something section.


You also need to motivate them to feedbakc to develop; they need to know what would have got them a first class mark. MMU guidance on Supporting. They advise academic staff on any changes proposed for your programme and they ensure that correct procedures have been followed on decisions made by the results and awards assessment boards.

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This also gives an opportunity to provide feedback on general examination performance see Should I be giving feedback on exams as well as coursework? A simple approach will benefit both you and your students. This might mean holding a meeting once marking is complete at the end of the academic year as most programme teams do in any case to produce some generic feedback across all assignments which will be discussed with classes at the beginning of the next year.

If there is clearly a problem with spelling, grammar or structure then you need to point the student towards more systematic support. Examples of different types of feedback might be: Can I give work back to the student?

mmu coursework feedback

There have been surprisingly few studies of this perhaps it’s just all too depressing to think about? In this situation you will need to wait longer to give generic feedback or provide model answers, or you will need to give an alternative coursewotk to those who seek extensions.

Of course the decision will depend on the type of assignment.

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Making a photocopy of the work with your comments on it would normally be acceptable for the purpose of external moderation. If you have implemented a programme feedback strategy, then you should be on the way to providing feedback that students can use, but you may still need to try some additional or different activities, such as…. This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it in any particular order.

The project also acted on a recommendation to focus more effort on the re-assessment period: This requirement is included in the Institutional Code of Practice on Assessment and the maximum turn-round time is currently four weeks.


You can personalise the feedback by adding some general comments at the end on what the student should do to improve in the next assignment. What is my role in this process?

TRansforming Assessment + Feedback For Institutional Change (TRAFFIC) at MMU

The important thing in either case is to explain to students what will happen to their work and what they can expect to get back from you. A programme feedback policy will help with this. Winter and Dye thought that a better engagement with students about feedback might be the key to an improvement.

If an assignment is a good 2 ido I still need to give feedback?

The MMU Commitment to return feedback within four weeks was introduced towards the end of the first year of the project. The first thing to do is to discuss the mark individually with the student and to explain how you arrived at your ocursework with reference to the assignment brief, the unit learning outcomes and the assessment criteria.

This is a really good question. Manchester Metropolitan University MMU is the largest campus-based undergraduate university in the UK with a ccoursework student population of more than 37, Your Programme Leader is responsible for responding to the External Examiner regarding issues raised.

mmu coursework feedback

They are normally academics or staff members at another UK university. This was in response to student feedback that there were too many feedbwck points: The ambitious deadline was to deliver a brand new, technology-supported first year for September with the new second year starting September and the new final year September MMU guidance on Setting.

You do not have to accede to such requests and you may undermine your own academic judgement by doing so.