Neither were the Roman persecutions, the Crusades, the expulsions from Europe, the Inquisition, the Chmielnicki Uprising, the European pogroms, the Hevron and other massacres in pre-Israel Palestine, etc. The world doesn’t care about the Jews but they do respect the or so nuclear warheads possessed by Israel. The Land of Israel Network. I don’t think so. She was born in Jerusalem, but her family left for America when she was three years old.

The enemy wants to exterminate the Jews but let tell you its Never going to happen God is going to take care of them if you dont believe. She may be book smart, but she is life stupid. And it is not. We were only learning about the Holocaust, and it was never mentioned what was happening while I was at school. She wants people to use that knowledge of the Holocaust to work toward ending all genocides still going on around the world. That’s what happens when people are ignorant.

Clemenza I can understand why. I can understand why. She is more concerned about her status than her own people. Hey Natalie, maybe you can take after Mayim Bialik!


Is Natalie Portman Right and Jews Need to Chillax about the Holocaust?

Netanyahu and France does not love B. Now in France we cannot speak about the Shoah any more and N.


natalie portman essay harvard crimson

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During the Holocaust all doors were closed to Jewish refugees. They use this terminology to gain world sympathy.

natalie portman essay harvard crimson

Jews must realize teaching the Holocaust does not enlightened the deranged, it only whets their appetite for more Jew blood. Many died because they felt rooted to Germany, Austria, France, Italy…best places to live at that time. Wasn’t that clear from the article?

Natalie Portman Strikes Back (Kickin’ Harvard Crimson Butt)

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I’m getting bored of article titles meant as a bad come on to read the story. I came away from this article with the opposite idea. Natalke is exactly the kind of problem with the way it is taught.

That’s what happens when people natalif ignorant. That is why her comments are so deeply disturbing. I was raised In a Christian home and always taught about the atrocities of the Holocaust. You should look him up. When I saw her in Beautiful EswayI knew she’d grow up to be a beautiful woman. As a public school teacher in the inner city of NY I can say that Holocaust studies are non-existent.


Natalie Portman’s letter in The Harvard Crimson | The Better Hour

The people in Israel had worked the land and deserves respect and consideration from everysingle jew in the Diaspora. Obtain a bit more of a connection with the boss upstairs and you might not end up saying foolish things down here! KAPOism — back to the future https: We need it to serve as something that natalke us empathetic to people rather than paranoid. She is wearing blinders. Liberalism is not a mental illness. Ignorants like her should not be heard or seen.

natalie portman essay harvard crimson

Hollywood is very pro-Israel, and very open about it. We should also teach children the beauty of our heritage so they feel good to be Jewish. There’s a guy called Ross Douthat who writes in the crimson www. This is unfortunate because it provides a natlie view of being Jewish and a distorted view of history in general.

We remember the Holocaust and learn little from it.