It is situated 59 miles from Muzaffarabad and lies on the banks of the Neelam River at an altitude of 5, ft. When dew began to fall on Kail, the stars, too, grew obscure. Chitta literally means White and Katha means water reservoir. Several brooks intersected our path. Kundalshahi Kundalshahi is 74 km from Muzaffarabad and about 5 kilometers from Authmuqam, another midway station, and a small commercial centre. It does not look real!

It is famous for its marble mines, from where marble is transported to Muzaffarabad and cities of Pakistan. Following lakes were discovered in shonthar valley: Sep 22, The fields were enclosed by barbed wires, perhaps, for demarcation. It contains all the civic services to a certain extent like hospital, post office, bank, a telephone exchange and a few small bazaars. Domail, the confluence of two mighty rivers, presents highly fascinating scene of youthful embrace.

Most people are dependent on their own cultivated sources and a large number is also associated with government and private jobs.

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Neelum is lowest ranked district in all of Azad Kashmir. Traveling during May to October from the scorching heat of plains to the high land basin of Neelum Valley is indeed an escape from hell inferno to the cold breezes of paradise. This is bold text and this is normal text. For scenic point of view Nakka, Baandi and Leswa are place worth to visit. The valley that was quiet a few minutes ago was now echoing mysterious sounds. Dude your photographic skill are excellent. The people are intelligent, hard working and are skillful.


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Hi Mehdi, loved your Northern Area photo shoot. We all were astounded to see that and Gul Rose excitedly ask Farhan to take his photograph on the location, perhaps he wanted to proudly share this incredible view and his feat with his friends and family. I toured this region as much as I could.

A tourist rest house had been constructed a Halmet to provide accommodation facilities to the visitors. Was thinking about riding to Tau Batt on a motorbike.

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Few things or activities we had planned on our tour were the bonfire and water-balloon fight but it never have materialized due to lesser time availability. Athmuqam — is situated at a height of m, it is the sub-divisional headquarters of the area.

neelum valley essay

How to Boost your writing. While the multimedia was ready in no time, it was the stereo sound speakers which refused to start. Check out Leepa next. Can you please NOT digitize river neelu, falls water to give a smoother look? Arang Kel is a hill station surrounded by lush green trees, and fields of greenery.

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Verdant forests predominate in the Neelum Valley. In ancient times, it was a seat of knowledge and wisdom. We came across some scenic sights and many springs and waterfalls as the snow was melting on the top of the mountains. This is the last hamlet before you reach the LOC. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The town was sleeping. Kudos to Syed Bukhari for these photos.


Will definitely go now after reading this article. About 8 km forward neelym Kundalshahi just before entering Authmuqam a jeep able road lead to this series of small villages.

neelum valley essay

But to their credit, they had made an effort to overcome the crisis by installing solar energy devices. Sattar Gopang- Alberta Canada.

And upon seeing a Charpai hemp woven bedstead he just rushed towards essaay snatched the woolen shawl from me, to protect him from the cool breeze, and laid down to take a power nap ala Prof. Ewsay when the breakfast has been denied it becomes rather more difficult to travel that long distance on an empty stomach. Dear Concerned PeopleIn this article there are many long exposureswater is not artificially blur via software.