Hyundai Is Preparing A Sedan For Young Families

Hyundai Is Preparing A Sedan For Young Families

Hyundai intends to Fund your range of regular sedan. He should take the vacant, according to the manufacturer, a position between the models of the Elantra and Sonata and will be considered primarily a family car, but oriented at a fairly young families.

Korean company focuses on 20-30-year-old buyers who have already married. With the help of a sedan, the output of which is preceded by a concept car Mistra, Hyundai plan to meet their needs, and the primary named the need of choice.

The prototype is quite large, its length exceeds 4.7 m and a width of 1.8 m. Thus, despite the expected positioning a step below the "Sonata", the prototype is almost equal to it in size.

In addition, it should be noted and are similar in style design, however, according to the developers, the production version of Mistra can get a different, more elaborate appearance.

His name concept was in honor of Mystras, located in southern Greece. According to Hyundai, the name should symbolize nobility, beauty, and mystery, but in the Chinese market production sedan will be referred to as the Mingtu.

In this case, the manufacturer is in no hurry to declare the principal focus purely on the domestic market in China, so, even though the concept and was developed in Beijing, there is the likelihood of Hyundai Mistra and in other countries.