Jaguar Registered The Name For Your Crossover

Jaguar Registered The Name For Your Crossover

The rapid growth of the Chinese market may force Jaguar to reconsider their attitude to the issue of crossovers. The British company has already registered, the new indices Q and XQ, but since it was done in Europe, to buy a new Jaguar crossover will and fans of the brand from the Old world.

According to the portal Pistonheads that published information about registering new model indexes, it indicates the seriousness of the Jaguar. As a platform for the development of the crossover (it could be called Jaguar Q-Type), the British plan is probably to use the Range Rover Evoque platform.

There is also talk about the possibility for the development of some new construction, but this solution is unlikely because of its high cost.

Engines for the new Jaguar also borrow from colleagues in the company. Thus, it can be expected that the crossover will get both petrol and diesel turbo engine with a volume of 2 liter and three-liter V6. Do not rule out the development of hybrid propulsion.

The main market for the new model should be China, whose residents take to the segment of expensive crossovers the most attention. In Jaguar are generally considered the market China strategic - in the future it may become the largest brand, ahead of not only the US but also the UK.

However, it is unlikely Jaguar decides to limit sales of its crossover only China.