Land Rover Will Increase The Number Of Models Up To 16

Land Rover Will Increase The Number Of Models Up To 16

Land Rover intends to radically expand its model range by 2020 it will consist of 16 models. If the plans are realized, the British manufacturer will be able to control up to 3% of the global SUV market.

Land Rover is going to include in its range of five models for leisure and recreation, thus increasing the family Freelander. It is expected that the Freelander after the upgrade will be closer in size to the current Evoque and will also receive five - and seven-seat modification, according to the portal Autocar, citing chief designer Gerry McGovern. Furthermore, it is known that the Range Rover Evoque will be available as a convertible. His platform will form the basis of the production version of the acclaimed DC100 concept.

Up to six models should increase the family Range Rover, but so far we only know about the company's plans to release the so-called Evoque XL, which would occupy the vacant place while in the model range between the Evoque and Range Rover Sport.

Update and expects the family of Discovery. According to the version of Autocar, the SUV gets a new aluminum platform and change the positioning, becoming a direct competitor to the BMW X5. Finally, it is planned to introduce a new generation Land Rover Defender, which also will be offered in versions with different number of seats, as well as pickup truck.

According to some forecasts, the increase of the lineup can lead to the growth of sales of Land Rover to 600,000 cars a year. Given that the global market for SUVs and crossovers by 2020 could reach 22 million units, Land Rover will have about 3% of the total market.