Porsche Hybrids Will Make All Your Models

Porsche Hybrids Will Make All Your Models

German premium car maker Porsche will offer a hybrid powertrain for each of its new models. In addition, a hybrid version will receive and existing machines. The company has developed a unit that can be installed in any model, including, in 911.

According to the representative Porsche Daniel Summer, the company has developed a new hybrid module, which is an electric motor and clutch in one unit. This module is suitable for installation in any model of Porsche.

This step is part of a new philosophy of the company, which implies a significant reduction of fuel consumption in daily trips by car companies. In the first phase of this direction was created Panamera hybrid, the batteries which can be recharged from mains.

In the second phase, which is scheduled for 2016-2017, Porsche cars will become more interact with the environment through multimedia systems, reports Autocar. For example, cars will be able to read the detailed information with the most accurate maps - for example, even minor descents and ascents (from 5.9%). The machine will also be able to offer the optimum mode of motion taking into account the current traffic situation (Electric, Hybrid, Charging while driving or Sport).

While customers are waiting for the arrival of the new Panamera hybrid in showrooms dealers (which should happen this summer), Porsche engineers are already working on a next generation hybrid systems. It is likely that new developments will be presented at the new generation Panamera, which will appear in 2016. The system will be integrated in rear-/all-wheel-drive platform MSB. This same platform will be used for future Bentley models. Presumably, it will be Flying Spur, whose premiere is scheduled for 2017.

The new hybrid module promises to be more powerful - the return of the motor will be 94 HP paired with it will operate the unit more energy-intensive batteries. In addition, the company is working to create advanced "filling" of a module that can be installed, for example, in the garage. Such a system provides battery charging without cables and electrical outlets.

Despite the basic problem, which consists in fuel economy, Porsche is not going to turn their sports cars in a refined family car. The company is simultaneously working to preserve the dynamic characteristics of the hybrids. For example, the same hybrid Panamera is equipped with a 3-liter V6 and elektromotoren, which together provide a 416 HP of power and acceleration to hundreds of 5.5 C.