Volvo Is Looking For A Partner To Create A Subcompact

Volvo Is Looking For A Partner To Create A Subcompact

Swedish company is considering the development of a compact urban hybrid. However, the work on the project will begin when the company finds a partner whose existing or future platform suitable for new items.

According to the head of the Department of planning Lex Kerssemakers, Volvo is currently no concrete plans. "But we all know what the role of B-segment in sales, and we know that growing environmental performance of cars in this segment," said the representative of the Volvo. - Each manufacturer will sooner or later come to a partial exchange of platforms and technologies. This is the only reasonable way. Therefore, such a project is possible," - said the head of the Department of planning.

Currently Volvo and the actual owner of the Swedish brand - Geely is working on a new platform that will be shown to the public in late 2014. It will form the basis of the following S60, as well as the long-awaited new generation of flagship XC90.

"We studied the possibility of close partnership with other companies, joint ventures. But when the deadline passed and the agreement has not been reached, we decided to go it alone. Now one thing is clear: we will not be able to afford to develop another platform without any additional investment, so I do not rule out future cooperation", - said the employee of Volvo.

Meanwhile, existing hybrid Volvo are selling well. Reportedly, the output of the hybrid version of the Volvo V60 next year is expected to double, as sales far exceed expected.

"The company expects to sell 5 thousand cars in Europe in the first year. In reality, however, the annual volume of sales may reach 10,000 cars, so Volvo is now ramping up production, " says Kerssemakers. "For our clients, hybrid technology is a very cool thing. Five years ago it was impossible to imagine that the XC90 will get an engine with 4 cylinders and hybrid system. But the world has changed. However, we do not BMW, we do not create the car around the engine," - said the head of planning Department at Volvo.