Volvo Will Create Its Rival Volkswagen Golf

Volvo Will Create Its Rival Volkswagen Golf

Swedish Volvo wants to completely update its model range by 2018. By the same date, the company intends to launch nine new products. Among them will be a compact hatchback with a label C40. He has become a favorite competitor Europeans - Volkswagen Golf.

Volvo has long said that back in the segment of compact hatchbacks. The current leader of the Volkswagen Golf will get a decent Breakfast rebuff. The company had previously released a three-door hatchback C30. But the car was not too popular, it was removed from production in the fall of 2012. On the conveyor machine has spent a total of five years.

The new hatchback is rumored to be called the C40 and stand on the step below the model V40. Presumably, the C40 will appear in 2016, says "AUTOSTAT" with reference to the foreign media.

Another new Volvo model will be a compact crossover XC40. This car will compete with the BMW X1 and presented at the Shanghai motor show Mercedes-Benz GLA. In the line of Volvo model comes between V40 Cross Country and the XC60 crossover. New XC40 must also appear in 2016.

But it's not all new items. The Swedes will release the sedan S90 and V90. It will be called the current models S80 and V70. The new set will compete with the BMW 5-Series and Audi A6. Figure 90 was not chosen randomly. It denotes the class kinship with premium full-size XC90 crossover. The name may change and wagon XC70, model can rename in V90 Cross Country. Debut at the audience at the new products will take place presumably in the same in 2016.

Will appear from the Swedes in the same year and the coupe with the landing formula 2+2". It will be called C60. The machine gets similarities with the iconic Volvo P1800 coupe, which was produced in 1960-ies. C60 will compete with the Audi A5 coupe BMW 4-Series.

Finally, the change would XC90 crossover, which has not changed since 1999. The second generation model will appear in 2014, it will be based on a modular platform SPA (Scalable platform architecture - architecture of a scalable platform"). And the platform of the previous generation Volvo XC90 has already been sold to a Chinese company Geely.