November 7, at 2: Rights All items in Research Commons are provided for private study and research purposes and are protected by copyright with all rights reserved unless otherwise indicated. The thesis examines ordinary New Zealanders’ narratives about their abortion experiences and public representations of abortion from to This same text also introduces another name for menses that is not so common these days: The New Zealand Herald. University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

The New Zealand Herald. Elsdon Best also makes the connection between menses and the lunar cycle: The Journal of the Polynesian Society Tena koe Rossana, kia ora rawa atu koe mo enei korero whakamihi, whakanui ki taku mahi. Paper presented at the Auckland Medical Aid Trust conference: I argue, that menstruation is a potent site of decolonisation, cultural reclamation, and resistance toward the perpetuation of colonial hegemony. He Puna Manawa Ltd:

ngahuia murphy thesis

Elsdon Best also makes the connection between menses and the lunar cycle:. Rituals and restrictions A common theme from participants interviewed by Murphy This book is a challenge to that authority. From the back cover of Te Awa Atua: You can view this on tehsis NLA website. February 29, February 29, Marino H-S. Requires a subscription to the journal, or university library access.

The framing of the New Zealand Herald story and reaction to the issue is the very reason why more work needs to be done to open up mugphy, decolonise and reclaim our menarchie rites and rituals.

Reclaiming our traditions On October 9,the New Zealand Herald printed a story that expressed outrage ngauhia white feminists over a rule allegedly forbidding pregnant or menstruating women to attend an exhibition at Te Papa National Museum Wade An article by one of our current scholarship recipients, as part of her PhD research on surrogacy in New Zealand.


Potent not pollutant: Exploring menstruation in the Māori world – Native Daughter

Although Best has been accused of ethnocentrism by modern academics, it is still a useful source in reclaiming information that might have been otherwise lost as a result of colonisation and subsequent assimilation policies by the British colonial government.

The thesis analyses discourses of abortion in Kenya, with the aim of unearthing why an issue that is clearly a serious health and social problem remains largely unaddressed. Catalogue Persistent Identifier https: In terms of gender equality, Pere claimed that in Te Urewera menstruation was talked about in detail in the whare puni meeting house in front of both genders and all generations so that both genders were fully aware of everything about their own and each others development Murphy JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

Maori New Zealand people — Social life and customs.

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Ancient rites, recorded in tribal songs and chants, reveal that menstrual blood was used for psychic and spiritual protection. Women, Maori — Social life and customs.

Anger at Te Papa ban on pregnant women. February 12, at 8: September 6, at Many people are familiar these days with the custom of keeping tnesis placenta called whenua to be buried, but Murphy noted that burying the menstrual kope the moss woven into a pad was also a similar practice as a way of taking precautions due to the tapu nature of the blood and therefore ensuring it was disposed of appropriately to prevent it falling into harms way Can I view this online?


Publisher University of Waikato. Men have a role and place in this korero. You are commenting using your WordPress. He Puna Manawa Ltd: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

ngahuia murphy thesis

We will contact you if necessary. Many nbahuia ethnographic accounts of menstrual rites were distorted beyond recognition by the colonial lense of their authors, yet their misinterpretations continue to be accepted as authoritative.

You are commenting using your Google account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Menstrual cycle — New Zealand — Psychological aspects. The paper ngzhuia what aspects of the practice of abortion were considered a problem at that time, how its problematic status was defined and what solutions were proposed.

Inscribing connections between the natural environment, kin and the body. A comprehensive list of resources for Ngahuia’s doctoral research as described above.