In this game you must use your knowledge of moments to balance the seesaw and save the princess. I have attached resources for both. You will need to unzip it, open the folder and locate the word document: Please give us feedback, we welcome all correspondence from our users. You need to click here, then download the complete zipped file.

A lovely resource where pupils must colour spots on the other side of a fold line in order to make a symmetric pattern. We stuck with the idea of multiplying numbers together to find products, but used a calculator to explore products from consecutive numbers and square numbers. Another timed quiz to test your knowledge of algebra but this time the questions are a little tougher. A simple but effective function machine. Place the coordinates Tablet enabled – iPad Android more

The title says it all really!

An outstanding graphing calculator from Desmos. This resource also includes printable worksheets. I will post examples of activities I have problen and web pages I have found which have helped generate ideas.

The Story of 1 – Ngfl Cymru – Maths Zone Cool Learning Games

ngl The solcing of two even integers is always even Tablet enabled – iPad Android more LT patterns, sequences and rules. When you’ve found all the combinations a surprising result is revealed which allows you to predict the number of permutations for any sized egg box and any number of eggs.


A versatile resource that allows you to create your own pie chart in seconds. This resource also contains a useful mnemonic to remember the first 8 digits of pi as well as a slide that displays the first digits of pi.

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An in-depth investigation in which you must find the number ways in which eggs can be packed in different sized egg boxes. The addition can be graphically visualised using free vectors, a common origin configuration, the parallelogram construct or vector chains. Although the website has worsheets for the activities, I rearranged them to save paper and to concentrate on area and perimeter click on the picture. This resource also contains a printable worksheet.

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Equivalent fractions Tablet enabled – iPad Android more A tool to help your pupils visualise fractions. We continued to explore this by questions such as: The children were able to manipulate this to calculate that n was I have attached resources for both. Improper and mixed fractions Tablet enabled – iPad Android more In any event, I guarantee the kids will love it.

Matjs timed quiz to test your knowledge of algebra.

A gentle introduction to factors and multiples and the notion of ‘less than’ and ‘greater than’. Identify equivalent fractions and decimals.

ngfl maths problem solving

I have also produced progression documents for 2D shapes3D shapesangles and position and movement. They construct their shape using a flexible polygon which can then be compared to the correct enlargement. Let the Professor perform his trick on you. Representing vectors Tablet enabled – iPad Android more I think of 2 numbers. This clever game will teach your students to visualise and solvnig the value of different fractions.


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A corresponding PowerPoint is also available to the teacher should they want to create their own commentary. I then produced a document that linked the progression documents to guidance materials and activities.

ngfl maths problem solving

Vector addition Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Introduction to symmetry Tablet enabled – iPad Android more An interactive and highly visual resource mathx help entrench the concept of units. Improve your ability to recognise equivalent fractions. Introduction to fractions Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Smash the rotten egg by clicking on the fraction that is not equivalent to the others.