At this time, the student should contact the Academic Office about scheduling a defense. You need to explain how you obtained data, via interviews, questionnaires etc. The Dissertation Deposit Form gives you the option of allowing fulltext access to your dissertation. September, January or May , doctoral thesis oral defense form and the reader sheets to the oral defense. Also on this date one month prior to the defense , the student must submit three “Doctoral Thesis Reader” sheets to the Departmental Administrator, signed by his or her core readers.

Inter-University Doctoral Consortium registration and information: See Research Ethics on GSAS website for more information If you have carried out empirical work, remember the need for informed consent and confidentiality do not use actual names of individuals or organizations, institutions etc. You may be putting forward a particular argument and you can give this in your introduction with the issues that you are going to address. Since there is no major empirical component to the dissertation, the examiners will pay particular attention to matters of scholarship. The introduction should provide a brief overview of the structure i.

Once the preliminary dissertation is reviewed, the candidate will receive an email notification that details formatting changes that need to be made before final submission Final Dissertation Filing Steps The candidate is advised to take the Advisor Approval Formthe Title Page reflecting the month and year dissertatin graduation: This is one of the most important parts of your dissertation as it links with your methods and can help with structuring your dissertation.

Submitting Your Dissertation

We strive to provide excellent digital access to all. If you are doing a piece of empirical research, a common structure is as follows: Interpretive These are no less rigorous in their use of evidence than empiricist approaches, foramtting interpretivism is a stance that characterizes a major strand within the social sciences. Accessibility We strive to provide excellent digital access to all.


IFA students may defend their dissertation at any time during the year.

Forms & Resources for Graduate Students

In either case it must review the literature and include a full bibliography. List the principal sources that will be used to guide research with reference to: The title will become clearer as your research tuide write — it is normal to pick a title for your thesis after writing it, rather than before. Students ghide not attempt to write their thesis alone — all theses must have two readers, one of which is the supervisor. The Program Director has final approval on all supervisory relationships.

Introduction The introduction will give details of the research topic you have decided to focus on, why the topic is of interest, what the gaps are in knowledge, how your dissertation ‘adds value’ to previous research i.

nyu gsas dissertation formatting guide

The IFA Curator jenni. Submission of the dissertation in ProQuest is required. To learn more, visit creativecommons. Who will have access to my dissertation? Students should select their thesis topic in consultation with a faculty member who they wish to work with. Many International Relations theses are ‘applied’ rather than ‘theoretical’, and you may find it difficult to be explicit about your chosen methodology. You need to find formattingg manageable topic — one that has not been researched excessively nor so under-researched that there is geas literature available for you to build on.


nyu gsas dissertation formatting guide

IR Vormatting faculty members can supervise a limited number of students for the thesis per semester, and the acceptance of students is at the discretion of the faculty member. You will also need to explore the policy context. To set up a PIN, call Registration at Licensed images must be used in a manner consistent with license terms and conditions.

nyu gsas dissertation formatting guide

Failure to pass the thesis on the second attempt may result in termination from the program. You should say what the problem for investigation is; provide a context for its consideration buide a justification of its importance for study.

Inter-University Doctoral Consortium registration and information: Note that the time-to-degree clock does not stop during leaves of absence. You will aid clarity if you break up the argument into clear steps. Committees must comprise at least 5 members, including at least 3 GSAS faculty.

Please read through below for more information regarding formqtting checklist and deadlines. Rissertation may defend in the fall, spring, or summer, for a January, May, or September degree, respectively.

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The Director of Graduate Studies must approve a committee with fewer than three department faculty members. Documentation and accompanying forms are required at each of these stages.