History of Ac

British car firm AC Cars LTD is one of the first stamps of this country, which is engaged only by the production of sports cars, differing in turn gorgeous and dynamic driving characteristics.

The founders of the brand in 1902 became known in his country engineer D. Weller and secured butcher D. Portwein. Their decision to create the car companies have been influenced by the fact that at that time this area was not only thriving, but also revolutionary.

The firstborn newly minted British brand AC Cars in 1907 became the car Sociable.

In 1911, the brand changed its name to Autocarriers LTD, and in 1922 was named AC Cars LTD, which is known at the present time.

From 1919 to 1925, the company often participated in various auto competitions, in particular AC Cars at the time had a record speed (100 km/h) for cars, engine size which was 1.5 L.

In 1960, the company showed the world the Cobra model, the designer of which was K. Shelby, who managed successfully to combine powerful American eight-cylinder engine and lightweight chassis ACE.

In 1987, the company AC Cars LTD became part of the Ford Motor Company, and in 1992 again passed into private ownership.

In 1992 at the auto show in Turin were presented with a new car AC Ace Cars, which was a powerful sports car convertible. At the same exhibition was shown a new Aceca coupe.

By mid-1995 it was designed for the latest generation of cars Cobra Mk IV, but later their production was stopped.

In late 1996 AC Cars LTD is part of the Pride Automotive Group Inc.

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